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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

So What….

So what…

:: I wear the same sock bun or braid for 3 days straight.
(I get a little lazy and don't have the energy to change it)

:: This morning is supposed to be my morning off from the kiddos, and I couldn't wake Ella. She just looked too peaceful. Looks like we get a date day : )

:: My finger is growing back nicely. (Don't you love that I just threw that out there??)

Sorry I made you look.

:: I really need a girl's night out.

:: I miss James, a lot. He's working and volunteering so much right now, and we don't have much time together. I think I need a date night as well! But he's the best father. Ever.

:: I haven't cut my boy's hair. They are all looking shabby (but they are crazy beautiful none the less).

:: I need a haircut desperately, but am too "busy".

:: I can't stop eating nachos, and bread.

:: I have a pretty amazing life, even if I complain sometimes.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So What

I can never put laundry away after it's done. It takes me up to a week to take it out of the dryer.

I was supposed to get the Murphy Family Christmas letter out to people before Christmas, it's now a little later than Christmas.

My car looks like a band of rats live in it. I can't keep that thing clean! And the idea about using a cereal dispenser from pinterest didn't help me at all.

I am the crankiest person alive before 7am and without coffee.

I have become slightly obsessed with whiting my teeth, it's starting to annoy my husband.

I saw Les Miserable in the theater and balled like a baby. Seriously…go see it. It's amazing!

I have been dying for a Girl's Night out, but am too tired to even plan one. Pathetic, I know. 

My Mother-in-law takes all three of the kids on Wednesday mornings, and I get nearly giddy at the thought that I will have 3 hours TO MYSELF.

So What Wednesday
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So What...

So what…..

I have only been to the gym twice in two weeks.

I let my children eat granola bars on the couch in front of the TV so I can get 15 more minutes of sleep.

Ella needs more jammies that fit her.

I have three loads of the boys laundry sitting in the laundry room waiting to be folded and put away.

I am becoming obsessed with Elf on the Shelf.

I have no desire to bake any christmas cookies.

My closet look like a tornado went though it.

Playdates at my house are insane these days.

I can't find Ella christmas dress I bought for her last year. (Ok... this one makes me really sad)

I have't done school with the boys in a week few days.

I can't stop drinking egg nog (at least it's the "light" version).

So What Wednesday

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So What

Thought I'd join to fun of So What Wednesday.

{So What…}

If I I've been looking at the same bottle of lotion on my counter for 2 weeks now. It doesn't have a home, and I can't seem to throw it away. After all it is Bath and Body Works lotion…and you don't just throw that away (even if it does smell like a trash can).

If I eat leftover popcorn for breakfast this morning. It's delicious.

If I stay in my sweats all day today because James will be gone for 12 hours.

If I'm planning on making oatmeal for dinner, because James will be gone for 12 hours.

If the playroom still isn't painted because I'm still recouping from our weekend.

If I can't leave my house without mascara anymore. When did that happen anyway?

If I reward my children with chocolate milk for not arguing with me about what cartoons to watch in the morning.

If I slept on wet hair and now it looks like I got electrocuted.

{So What} If this post makes me look incredibly lazy….