Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WIW: A New Cut

I recently chopped 12 inches of my hair. (YIKES)
Unfortunately I couldn't donate it….they say if you have highlights they cannot accept it…boo!


I usually cut my hair once a year (yes, I'm that cheap) and I usually don't cut it quite as short as I did this time. James loves my hair short, he may be the only man who begs his wife to chop off her long locks. I finally decided to go for it and went with an a-line.

I think I like it, it's hard for me to style just right when it is totally straight so I've been throwing a few curls in there to give it a messy, beachy look.

Along with the new hair I've been wearing a baby lately.

He's usually pretty content, but he must be goring through a growth spurt and he's eating all. the. time. Yesterday it was every 1.5 hours (and yes, we've introduced rice cereal and he's still eating like a newborn!)

Well, he's getting held a lot more…but it could have to do with his fantastic chubs. I just love me a fat baby!
I'm extremely grateful for my moby wrap…I never used one with my other kids, but bring it on with baby number 4!

Happy Wednesday….time to attend to the children!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kitchen Decor

I have decorators ADD. I am always changing, adding, removing, painting, and rearranging my home.
I can't help myself!
Since the last time I posted on our kitchen I've added and changed a couple of things.

I found this darling rod at IKEA and I knew I had to add it to my island!
I love the way it adds some more natural elements to the kitchen.

The best thing about the canister is that it has a drip pan at the bottom, if I wanted to add succulents or something that is actually alive…I could! Or if you had a sunny place in your home you could grow a mini herb garden.

This is a perfect example of my decor ADD…I have already added new chalkboard labels to the oil, and the jars…I have a problem…

Here is my ultimate favorite new "toy" in the home…our new kitchen table. I can't tell you how much I adore this table. It has 2 leaves the aren't pictured right now and we can fit 1000 people at our table now! The bench was the best idea we've had as parents. No more ruining the fabric chairs, and we can fit up to 4 kids on it. Love it!!

I framed one of James' grandmother's old recipes here. She was an amazing cook!
Fork and Spoon from Hobby Lobby…naturally….

I also added a command hook the to the other side of the island and that is where I hang my hand towel now. I really like that it's not visible from the main view of the kitchen and now it's not hanging on my stove or cabinet door.

This year I am currently in charge of the MOPS crafts and this fridge frame was one of our recent crafts. I like it a lot! I use it to frame around Josiah's sight words. I find that if they are visible I will work on them with him much more. 

So there it is….I have problems…but I love to decorate and I love to freshen things up every now and again. I'm sure it will change in a few months, but for now I love it!

Monday, April 7, 2014

No Maintenance Fairy Garden

Ella and I had so much fun making this fairy garden the other day. In normal "Bethany" manner I decided one morning that we were going to make one, we packed up and took a trip to Hobby Lobby and picked out our supplies. It was so much fun and I think every little girl needs one!

Here's what you'll need to make your own.

Large Pot (some people just pick an old stump or the base of a big tree)

Potting Soil

Faux Plants (we used succulents we found in the clearance section and they were $1 each)


Decor Moss

Doll Furniture (find a ton at Hobby Lobby!)

I found this unfinished fence and stained it to match the well.

Small, Flat Stones

Faux Flowers


Step 1: Fill your pot with the soil.
Step 2: Choose your layout.
Step 3: Add a large rock and cover with soil for an added "hill".
Step 4: Get to work!

This was so incredibly easy to put together. Literally Ella did it! She chose where she wanted the succulents, and flowers and I just took charge of placing the moss where is needed to go. I just ripped pieces off and placed them where they belonged.

I love that it looks so real and yet, it is totally fake. Every aspect of this garden is faux and will take no maintenance!