Friday, September 1, 2017

Dear Micah

Dear Micah,

You are now 8. But, in all honesty, you have always been much more mature for your age. I credit that to the fact that you are always trying to keep up with Josiah. So really, you are more like a 9 year old.

This year has been so busy for us, and you just roll with it. You are so easy going when it comes to plans and stress. It never seems to bother you. I am so grateful for your easy going spirit. This year you made the choice to become baptized (or bathtized as you called it for a few years). We have been so blessed by that decision and we can't wait to see what Christ has in store for your future!

Buddy, you are by far, one of the most competitive kids we have ever seen. You are so athletic, and strong, but with your ability comes your desire to be at the top. You hate to lose, or even come in second place. You have drive and talent and it pushes you to be the best, at everything. On the field you are a fierce competitor, but in our classroom you strive to challenge yourself to become better. Beat all your old testing times, and get 100% on every worksheet.  And you are so smart. Already nearly completely at a 4th grade level in school. You fly through all of your schoolwork. I have yet to find something that challenges you (other than Spanish). This drive, and this knack for taking things so seriously will get you far in life. We love that you want to do well, to succeed. Just don't let it run your life.

You will fail, you will make mistakes. This is part of life. Don't ever give up. Don't ever walk away when you feel like you won't be the best. Often, it's when we fail that we look up to those who are succeeding, and learn from them. Remember to look up when you're down. Look up to those who do better than you, and learn why. Learn to fail with humility and grace, because when you fail with dignity you will still shine. Learn to congratulate others in their success. A journey to success is alway better surround by others. 

Oh buddy, are you still so protective and loving. You are still my biggest snuggler. If I'm sitting, your looking for a hug. You're love language has always been touch. You snuggle all of your siblings every morning. You can't get close enough to them. I adore this about you. For being so tough and so serious, you love without abandon. You love everybody. You are the kid that walks right up to somebody new and becomes instant friends. You are not shy, and you don't care what others think about you. You are just so friendly. Don't ever change that. Always love recklessly, you are so good at it. 

We are so ridiculously proud of you. We are proud of your strong spirit and will to fight. I am so grateful that God chose me to be your Mom! I love you so much!

Forever and ever,