Monday, October 31, 2011

What I Love About....James

What I Love About Monday Is Here Again's what I love about

My handsome hubby

He is romantic
{like, scavenger hunt proposal, romantic}

His is a courageous Man of God

He plays with the kids every chance he can

He is a family man, through and through

He is an amazing help to me
{he even does the dishes}

His deep love for kids
{greatest P.E. teacher around!}

That he is reading the book of Obadia in the Bible right now

He is crazy generous and giving

He loves our couple's Bible Study as much as I do

He supports everything I want to do, even when it's a bit silly

He instantly bonds with his newborn babies

His obsession with sports
{but more specifically his crazy love for Nebraska Cornhusker football}
{that he thinks his Nebraska hat is "lucky" and must be wearing during the games}

That he can't watch scary movies
{good thing...cause neither can I}

That he's a t-shirt and jeans kinda guy

That he is a true Spiritual Leader

He gets embarrassed for people on American Idol or any other audition show and has to leave the room

His compassion for the needy

That he is such a gifted teacher

His humor
{love his laugh}

But what I love about James the most

I know that whatever I do or whatever happens to us He will ALWAYS be by my side.
He is devoted to God, our marriage and our family.

I am truly the luckiest woman alive.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Why I Blog

Why I Blog

I am not as organized as I would like to be.

My pantry and cupboards are always a mess.

My laundry room and closets are piled high with clothes and socks that will never find their match.

And I don't have an organized pile of photos I've printed out and scrapbooks chronicling our family memories.

I'm still a young mother (all of 27 years old), and I feel like NOW is the time I start to write them down.

I'm a fan of the internet, I'm a fan of sharing my photos with friends, and I'm a fan of shared knowledge that can come from reading other blogs.

It has become my desire to store these memories.

It is my hope that one day my children can look back at my past posts and say

"That was my Mom"

And be filled with pride.

I will be honest in my posts. I will not shy away from the truth of my thoughts, actions, or intentions.

I will be unabashedly Christian. And I will not shy away from sharing my love for Jesus and how He is impacting my life.

I will share stories of how I struggle with being a Mother.

I will share tips and ideas I've learned from other wise moms.

It's my hope to share my heart with my family, and it's my hope to be an example to my children.

I want them to be able to remember me through my words and pictures.

I blog to share my heart. And that's what I plan on doing!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Clip Clip Hooray!

I've decided it's time to start selling my clips.

Here's a just a little taste of what I have.

Pair of Rosebud Bobby Pins

Felt and Button Bobby Pin

Felt Flower Clip

Felt Flower Clip

Felt Flower Clip

Please email me at
with any questions you may have about purchasing ANY of the clips you see.

Large Ribbon Barrette

Button Barrettes
$3.oo for the pair

custom orders.

Just tell me what you want and I can probably make it!

is where you can see a more examples of the clips.

Happy Shopping!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 Reasons to Love Fall Festival

~10 Reasons I LOVE Fall Festival~

10. Old Rusty Trucks and Silly Faces

9. Dangerous Tractor Bike Races

8. Adorable Outfits

~Because: why wouldn't I put Ella in leg warmers?~

7. Tractor Rides

~Yes, that's a child driving my children~

6. Family Photo Opportunities

5. Firetruck Kisses

4. Turkey Legs and Root Beer
~And Kettle Corn and Deep Fried Everything~

3. Produce Stacking in a Wagon

2. Giant Trampolines

1. My Pumpkins sitting on Pumpkins

{And PS. Today Ella is 5 months old....did you hear my heart break a little?}

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

What I Love About...

Here's to another Monday
And here's to what I love about...

~My 4 year old Josiah~

How he stole my heart the minute I met him and made me a first time Mommy

His adorable smiles
and sense of humor

Love for his siblings

Amazing giggle when I tickle him

His love to tell stories

His awesome dance moves
and I mean AWESOME

His imagination

That he looks just like his daddy

He's a people pleaser

That he is so compliant

His desire to help

His crazy, unmanageable hair

That he has already chosen a wife "ViVi"

That he wants to listen to "his songs" in the car

The way he talks
(even if he does have a "delay")

That he is so emotional

That he says:
"I want to go to Heaven" & "I want to see Jesus"

The thing I love the most about Josiah is:
His unwavering faith. This is the child Jesus spoke of when talking about faith like a child.

I am so proud of him!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

10 Ways to Have a Chaotic Playdate

As a stay at home Mom, one of the most important parts of my life is playdates.
Mom's really need to have some sort of social contact with each other. I need to be able to talk to somebody about something other than juice and spiders
Each playdate is different. But some of my most favorite are the ones that are complete and total chaos.

Here's a pic of me "Embracing the Camera" with 4 out of the 6 kids invoveld in a playdate with my good friend who also has 3 kids 4 years old and under.'s actually peaceful...for about 2 seconds.

~Yes, the two partially undressed children are mine.~

And "thank you". I know I look like a movie star.

So here's my top 10 ways to add a little chaos spice to your playdates.

10. Just add markers.

9. Have only one of something.

(anything from a Batman toy to a piece of string)

They will ALL fight over it.

8. Suggest you stay indoors on a nice day.

7. Have a precious lego castle your boys have built.

(It will get torn down. Drama will ensue.)

6. Have a pantry stocked with foods you do not want them to eat.

(Because they will try)

5. Try to attempt a craft with glue.

4. Try to make it a productive playdate.

(Like mom's trying to plan something)

It is guaranteed you will get nothing done.

3. Hold the playdate in a public place. Your best bet is the library.

(You might even get kicked out. Because that sounds like fun to me.)

2. Just add sugar. Lots and lots of sugar.

1. Have at least 6 kids aged 5 and under. Always a stressful delightful time.

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