Thursday, September 29, 2011


I just want to brag about my sister for a minute. She's awesome! When we were younger we didn't always get along the best. We are nearly 4 years apart, which can make a big difference when the "middle school" years roll around. But now...we're as close as two women can be. She can always find a way to uplift me, compliment me, encourage me, correct me, laugh with me, and, cry with me.

~Embracing the Camera with my niece who was having so much fun with me~

She is a new mom this year to a gorgeous baby girl, Abigail Elizabeth. I remember being a new mom for the first time and struggling to know which way was up. I'm so glad that I can be here to support her and be with her for this exciting time. And the best part of Rach having a baby within the same year I did is that our girls will have the opportunity to have a relationship like I do with my sister.

She is also an amazing Aunt. Dare I even say , the best Aunt. My kids love her! She is always more than willing to play with them, wake up early with them, and keep them entertained. She has come to rescue my sanity more times than I can begin to count. I can't even begin to imagine my life without her.

I love that I have another person to be raw with. I can share all my crazy with her and know she's going no where. I pray that one day Ella will get a sister she can totally rely on. Because of the relationship I have with my sister, it has become so important to me that James and I adopt one day. I believe that each girl needs a sister!

I sure am blessed to have mine!

Today I'm linking up with Emily for my "Embrace the Moment"

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

473.83 Miles to Lincoln

We just took a little "vacation" to Lincoln, Nebraska. Our Grandpa Dean was being inducted into the Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame. It's a really big honor and we were so excited to be going. I will not lie to you; I was extremely nervous about what it might be like to spend 3 nights in a hotel room with all 5 of us. But James' prants came to the rescue and took the boys in their room for a "sleepover" for two of the three nights. So in our room it was just James, me and baby Ella. Below is a sweet picture of Josiah and Ella on our first night in Nebraska, and one of Micah and Ella on our last night. Super precious; don't you agree?

The boys must have had an awesome trip. They got to ride with Pa and Gran (who brought snacks, toys, and have a DVD player). Then they got to go swimming each day, got to choose what they ate for meals, and when we went to visit Gramps' sister they got pushed around by "Pa" in this awesome looking wheelbarrow. They lived in a perpetual state of a sugar high.

This was also the first time that the boys had the chance to see their Great Grandma Beverly's grave. Bev passed away when James and I were engaged. I didn't know her very well, but from what I hear she was the most amazing woman. A woman we can aspire to be more like. Ella Beverly was named after her as well. It was a really neat moment to have Ella's picture taken next to the one of Bev. I know one day all of the kid's will meet her, and it will be so special!

I don't know what going out to eat with your family looks like to you, but in our family it can be pure chaos. The boys were seated next to James' Grandpa Tom, who (bless his heart) let them run a muck with the water cup, milk, and straws. It kept them entertained, and kept me happy. Just look at that water, it's disgusting!

One of the toughest moments was during the actual induction ceremony. It was nearly 3 hours long and quite boring for kids. Micah was exhausted and eventually fell asleep in James' Mom's arms (he would never do that with me, and of course it made me a bit jealous). Ella had a rough time, fussed a little bit, but eventually fell asleep. Josiah took several "breaks" from the ceremony and was allowed to run around the building. Overall, they were pretty well behaved and I have to say I was quite impressed.

If you are ever driving through Paxton, NE you must stop to eat at Ole's Big Game Steakhouse. No, they don't actually serve "big game" (although they do have a Buffalo Burger), but they do have mass quantities of "big game" that have been killed by the original owner, Ole himself. They boys thought it was so fun to be there, but I doubt they had any idea these animals were once alive. There was even an elepahant and a polor bear. True Story. Ha!

In all honesty it was a really quick trip, and really stressful at times. I mean who likes to pack for 3 kids? But James and I were able to have some much needed quite time in the car together. We even had the chance to talk about hearing God's still voice, and His calling on our lives. We are so incredibly blessed to have family that we can celebrate good times with, and mourn in those hard times. I am so excited for the many trips I know we'll take as a family.

I am truly one blessed woman!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Super Mom

Josiah is SO into superheros these days. I love it. I love having the kid who wants to wear his Batman costume everywhere. Even when I was in high school I loved seeing those kids all dressed up when they were shopping with their Moms in the grocery stores. And now I have one of my own! For his birthday Jo got this really "awesome" Green Lantern mask. And as you can see it is one of the most unflattering masks ever made by anyone.

Exibit A:

See....yeah. Worst picture I have ever taken. Even James who is usually doting on me about my beauty, said this is NOT a good picture. I do look super though, I mean it even makes my boobs look SUPER big.

But the point is that Josiah looks great and he'll remember the times I tried to steal his mask and tell him I'm super Mom. So here's my Embrace the Camera moment of the week. Hoping that next week I'll take a super pretty one with the kids. Odds are not looking good. Hehehe

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So I've found a new love of making pretty things for my pretty lady. My latest is hair clips and headbands. It's so much fun and I love that she can have something that I actually made for her (seeing as how I can't sew). But I'm nuts about these adorable accessories.

~Lace Rose Clip~

~Pom Pom and Lace Headband~

~Button Clips and Button Headbands~

~Button Headband~

So because I think these are so cute and because I would even purchase them (and I'm super "cheap"), I'm considering selling them on Etsy. So what do you think? Do you think it'd be worth the time? If not, I'm still going to make my sweet Ella (and some other cutie little girls) these. It's fun, and doesn't every Mom need some sort of an outlet? I think so!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ella Is 3 Months

I love that I have a good camera so I can save a few hundred bucks and take some super adorable pics of my super adorable baby girl. So let me share my joy with you! My heart is so full. This is what Heaven must feel like.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Buzz Boys

For those of you who don't already know about Josiah's hair, I will tell you now....I struggle with it. A couple of years ago Josiah and I had a horrible experience with a buzzer. Yes, it was tragic (pictured right). I buzzed his perfect head of hair. Well after our most recent mohawk trail there was no saving it. So I was forced once again to buzz it. Only this time it didn't turn out as bad. I guess it's a bit thicker than it before.

Josiah is a very compliant child and will sit there quietly while I chop away at his main. Micah on the other hand....well I will be video taping our next adventure. I can only ever buzz it and I literally have to hold him in a "very humane" headlock to get him to hold still. It is quite the sight to see. This past week was the dreaded haircut week. James' Grandpa Dean and his wife Caroline were over for dinner (which we do quite often). But they had never had the joy of seeing the haircuts. Here's my "Embrace the Camera" moment.

There is sweet Dean holding (a still full head of hair) Micah who is smooching on sweet Ella. And there I am in all my glory buzzing the tar out of Jo's hair. Yes, he's sitting on the patio on a cooler. To our neighbors they must think we are just the most trashy people. I mean look at this pic I took of Micah one morning. Yes he's wearing crocks that are 3 sizes too big and undies (no he's not potty trained, he pooped in those about 15 min later).

Don't they look like they all had so much fun on haircut night?

Oh well, this is us. In all our glory. Nutty, Crazy, a little Tacky. But usually FUN!

Monday, September 12, 2011

What....He's 4?!?!?!

Holy Cow! Time has literally passed me by. Josiah will be 4 years old tomorrow! I can't believe it. I remember bringing him home from the hospital and freaking out when my Mom left me after two weeks. I was a new mom and I had no idea what was normal for a baby to do. He had horrible acid reflux and puked like no other baby I have ever seen. I had to burp the kid over the sink! And he's 4 years old! AH!

We had his 4th birthday party at a nearby park, and I will never (unless necessary) have another birthday party of his at my house. It was amazing to just be able to have the kids play, they adults chat, and throw out our trash right there. It was so fun.

I was just talking today with a friend about how I don't throw a birthday party for my kid's necessarily, I do it so that we can build memories of good times with our family and friends. Just to feed everyone (subs, chips, watermelon, and cake) was $100. Nuts! We obviously just want to make our kids happy, but throwing a party is for me! Let's be honest. I want to remember these years that fly by so quickly.

It was such an awesome day. But with each morning that passes I know that my little boy is growing to be a "big boy". It's breaking my heart. He's going to be amazing, I know it! He has an awesome memory (particularly when it comes to a promised treat), a knack for loving everybody, a sensitive spirit, and a desire to learn. I'm proud to be his Mom and I can't wait to see what my fun loving, adorable 4 year old will grow to be in the next year!

~So here's to you Jo~

~You are such a blessing to your Momma~

Monday, September 5, 2011

Embrace the Camera

A blog I love gave me a great reason to take pictures with my kids. I have a hard time doing becuase I feel like I'm looking a little dumpy (pretty much all the time, unless I have to leave the house). But The Anderson Crew reminded me that one day I won't be around for my kids, and they'll want to have memories with me in them. So here's to my first "embrace the camera" moment.

I took this picutre with Micah on the first day Josiah was in preschool, and Micah was struggling to play without him. It was actually a pretty fun day for just the two of us (I'm not counting Ella until she's mobile). We played "chase" and had a brief swordfight and did some much needed cuddle time. I think I'm going to love having Josiah in school (most of the time) for these moments. And I want to remeber to try and catch these memories on camera, even if I look like a 12 year old who doesn't shower : ) Now it's your turn to try and remeber to take pics with your family!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

So what's going on in the Brittenham abode today; you might ask. Well I will tell you. James is busy outside building another (the first was in our last home) retaining wall in the backyard. The boys are sometimes outside "helping", and sometimes inside, bothering me. And what is sweet baby Ella doing? Fussing. She has an awful cold that has nearly taken her sweet, little, girly voice away. She isn't taking good naps, maybe 30 min - 1 hour, and she has been waking up 3 times at night. This is a dramatic difference from our once a night routine. It is really starting to catch up to me. James, being the amazing husband he is, let me sleep in today. It was nearly 10 am before I rolled out of bed. And I only did so because Ella woke up to eat.

But the good news is that the weather is beginning to cool off. And that means fall is in the air! Fall is my favorite time of year. I love everything about it. I love the leaves changing, the cool air, the light jackets and leggings, the evening walks, and the Pumpkin Spice anything doesn't hurt either.

So needless to say, even though I am sleep deprived and cranky, there is always, always, always something to be thankful for. Today, I'm going with the weather!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Getting My Craft On

I have been getting very inspired by Pintrest lately. I've found a million new craft, and organization ideas. Which has been perfect timing for me since taking on the role (again) of celebration leader (who gives out gifts to the moms). I've found creative ideas on inexpenisive gifts. Here's a few of the things I've been working on:

This is a bookmark I made from a paint chip from Home Depot, a washer, a ribbon, and a stamp. Easy gift for about $0.20!

Next is a necklace I made from felt, an inexpenive chain (comes by the roll) and some fabric. Another gift idea for my MOPS ladies. Cost about $0.75! There's a really great tutorial at Little Miss Momma.

Here is a letter box I made out of an old cereal box. I covered it with scrapbooking paper and here ya go! Instant (and nearly free) organization!. Cost about $0.10!

And finally I made this fall wreath from a plumming tube you can buy at Home Depot for $.97, some old ribbon and old dollar store leaves I had laying around. I just duct taped the long tube together at the ends and hot glued the leaves and ribbon. Took all of 20 min and cost all of $3. Brilliant I tell ya!

Hope this inspires other Mommies to get their craft on too. I will be posting more ideas as I finish them!

Happy Friday!