Thursday, January 31, 2013

11 Stupid Things Men Say To Women

Men can be stupid (we don't say stupid, Mommy) silly. Really "silly" sometimes. 

You know when they say something and you make this face…

And then you say…
"Are you serious right now?!"
And then they back track and say...
"No…that's not what I meant. I love you. You're pretty. Give me a hug. Can I buy you something?"

11. I like my mom's cooking better.
Technically James has never said this to me. But…he does like certain dishes his mom makes better than I do. Still stings a bit

10. I can only see your mustache in the sunlight.
Please never comment on my facial hair. Ever.

9. Are you sure that guy was whistling at you?
One of my friends had just had a baby and got whistled at in the parking lot. When she told her husband he respond that way. Ugh!

8. You think that mirror makes your hips look wider? Funny, it doesn't do that to me. 
James best friend said this to his new wife. Fool.

7. Your head is shaped like a hot dog.
This is real folks. I have a friend who's husband actually said this to her .

6. You're not going out looking like that, are you?
Never comment on my outfit. You think a polo shirt and sweat pants is appropriate attire. 

5. You're acting just like your mother.
Never. Say. This.

4. You don't get an opinion, you haven't had a real job.
This one always hurts. 

3. I like your fat stomach (or any other part of your body). 
I was complaining about my fat stomach to James, and he tried to reassure me with this comment.

2. Do you know why men wouldn't find you attractive in any other country? You just don't have wide enough hips to be attractive.
Yes. James said this to me one night, and tried to fix it by telling me that not all men see beauty the same way. Oh James. Sweet, sweet James.

1. What have you been doing all day? The house is a mess and the kids are naked!
There is no better way to get the blood boiling than by asking a stay at home mom this question. 

But just remember ladies. Men are silly. Women are silly .We are all just a bunch of hot messes that chose to spend the rest of our lives together. So when they say stinky, hurtful things…remember that they DO love you. So take it with a grain of salt, one day you'll be able to look back and laugh about it. 
And you can always use it down the road. I call it "ammo" for when I really want that chalkboard from Hobby Lobby : )

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DIY Chalkboard Sticker Labels

Are you getting annoyed with my chalkboard obsession yet?

I know the hubs is….that and my new love for white spray paint ; )

But seriously….isn't it awesome?!

 I have been wanting to get some chalkboard sticker labels {like these} for a while now, but I didn't want to pay for them.


I have this HUGE roll of contact paper and a bucket of chalkboard paint…so I made my own!

Here's how I did it:

I drew the shape I wanted onto a note card and cut it out.

I then traced the card onto a strip of contact paper with a pencil.

 I then cut it out.

Covered the contact paper with a few coats of chalk board paint. It took at least 2 coats because the paint doesn't stick perfectly to the contact paper.

Let it dry…

Peel and stick!

There ya have it…
my very own removable chalkboard stickers for less than a penny!

Love em!

Monday, January 28, 2013

My Mommy Style

I thought this was such a fun link up that I had to participate…

Over the years, especially after having kids my style has changed. Not that it has anything to do with the fact that fashion is constantly changing, or anything…

But ever since I have had kids I have become more comfortable in "my skin". I realized the value of my body. It wasn't created to look perfect, it was created to bring these three beautiful children into the world. Once I realized that…I found it was so much easier to "style" my self.

Here's a few of my mommy must haves.


I own 12 or 13 a few cardigans, jackets, or sweaters that I wear all the time. Especially in the winter. 
I really try to own one in every major color category. 
That way I can still wear all my short sleeve blouses from summer.
Plus, it allows me to feel a bit more comfortable.

{Ponytail & Braids}
Since I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week I practically live in a pony tail or braid. But having long hair makes it easy to pull up and still look cute.

I love boots in the summer and I adore them in the winter. Plus, boots always fit. Even when I'm pregnant or working on baby weight. I have always loved shoes. But since becoming a mom I can't get out of my boots!

Okay…lets be honest, at home…this is what I'm rocking.

I have a million couple sweatshirts that I can't get out of. Especially in the winter.
Something about wearing a comfy sweatshirt and yoga pants, just makes me feel better. Even if it's not fashion approved.

This is such an easy way to give my body a better shape. And can pull any outfit together in no time!

One thing that has become a necessity since birthing three babies is makeup.
And I'm cheap…so I have never spent more than $10 on any one beauty product.
These are my staples.

Foundation: So I can cover my aging skin, and bags under my eyes.

Mascara: So people don't ask if I'm feeling ok.

Bronzer: So I don't look TOO pasty

So what about you?
What's changed about you since you've become mom?

I'd love to see your posts!!

Link it up here!


Friday, January 25, 2013

The days are long...

The days are long but the years are short.

Have you heard this before? It's by far my most favorite saying about parenting.

I mean really…have you heard anything more applicable?

Especially those days where you have the stomach virus in the house, and you can't keep up with the dishes, or the laundry. And you are dealing with temper tantrums, and lying, and teething, and fighting, and boogers, and potty accidents….Those days are SO long.

But then you look back through a years worth of pictures and you think…
"What just happened? When did Micah need that size t-shirt? Or when did Ella not need a bottle anymore?"

It is so easy for us moms to forget how these little moments pass us by.

One day I won't find that they have crawled into bed together.

I will miss the days when Josiah buries his head into my stomach when he cries {it's actually quite annoying right now}.

I will miss the growling, the "high ya!", the giggles, the "guys", and the forts.

So I'm trying to do my best to remember that even though the individual days seem to go on forever…they won't last long. The years will be gone, and I'll be left with memories and photos. So I'll keep them in my arms while I can.

 (don't mind my hair…it's impossible to style with one hand)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

{Guest Post} How To Volunteer and Find Time for It

Hey guys!
Thought I'd introduce you to my first guest post!

Her Name is Naomi Esterly and she just had a new baby! She’s also a mother to two twin boys and a wife to an army man. In between her duties as a mom and wife she’s also a volunteer in her local community center and a freelance writer for 1800WheelChair.ComShe is giving us some great ideas on how to find the time to volunteer.

Take it away Naomi!

Volunteers in Missouri—Fall 2011

Being a mom is one of the busiest jobs in the world. Finding time to volunteer for anyone other than the family can be a challenge for any mother who is interested in helping the community at large. With the demands of the family taking priority, how can a mother squeeze out time to volunteer her services in her community?

Find the Volunteer Needs

The first step in volunteering is finding out what the needs are. This means doing some research on organizations in your community and finding out what needs and opportunities those organizations have. Matching volunteer needs with personal interests and talents is ideal as that allows you to use what you know and what you are interested in to help others. Volunteering in a capacity that fits your personality will help you get the most fulfillment and enjoyment out of your experiences and help ensure you will continue long-term as a volunteer.

What Are You Interested In?

Think about what you are personally interested in. Do you like to work with children or animals? Are you interested in helping with social programs or activities at your place of worship? Perhaps you are interested in promoting literacy or some other cause. Consider what you would most like to spend your volunteer time doing then narrow down organizations who have need for your interests and talents.

Potential Volunteer Needs

Even in small communities there are plenty of opportunities for volunteers to help. If you attend a church or religious center, you will likely find many needs available. Local libraries often have Friends groups that organize activities such as book sales, programs for children and general help around the library as well as other tasks. Homeless shelters and soup kitchens often need volunteers to help with preparing and serving meals as well as sorting and handing out other types of donations to those seeking help. 

Local animal shelters are organizations that always need assistance. Some shelters need volunteers to help with socializing animals, cleaning cages, answering telephones, working the front desk and more. 

Are you interested in working with senior citizens? Check with your local senior center or nursing home about volunteer needs. Some nursing homes and senior centers may simply need volunteers to come and visit with seniors. Home delivery of hot meals ("Meals on Wheels") organizations always need volunteers to deliver meals to home bound seniors. 

Your child's school is a great place to find volunteer opportunities. The advantage of volunteering at school is that you don't need to work around your child's schedule as the needs should already be in sync with the school calendar. 

Finding Time

One of the most difficult issues about volunteering is finding the time. For a busy mom, squeezing in volunteer time can be almost impossible and most people assume volunteering means a long-term commitment requiring large blocks of time. This isn't always the case and if you really wish to volunteer in some way, there are ways to make it work. 

Irregular volunteering is one way to help out without taking too much time away from home and family. Once you have identified an organization to help with, determine what irregular needs they have. Some irregular needs may be occasional donation collections or drop-offs, fund raising events, special activities, holiday needs and more. 

Some volunteer opportunities can even be done from home. Making phone calls, organizing events, online research and writing press releases are just a few examples of ways you can help out as a volunteer while not cutting into family time. 

Some volunteer opportunities can also be accomplished as a family activity. This means your time doesn't have to be taken from your family and you can teach your children the joys and blessings of volunteering. 

Choose Wisely

However you choose to spend your volunteer time, remember to make the most of every moment. Prioritize your family first and outside activities second. Spending time helping others will not only enrich your life but it can also make you a better mother as you feed your soul and touch the lives of strangers.

Thanks Naomi! This is great advice!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Finger Avulsion {It's Gross}

Finger avulsion sounds about as gross as it actually is.

On Saturday I literally chopped off the tip of my finger. Like, we had it in a plastic baggie to take to the ER.

I was helping one of my best friends decorate her home. I had already played with the heavy decorating equipment. You know…the hammers, and drills, and screwdrivers, etc. I was cutting one of the quick ties off of a package of hooks (those freaking ties that are on the back of new toys), the scissors slipped and took off my finger tip.

I have to say that Sarah and I stayed amazingly calm (considering there were 8 children 6 years and under) running around the house. I immediately wrapped a kitchen towel around my middle finger and then I found the tip of my finger. Sarah took it (she is one tough chick) to the neighbor who's a fireman who told her to take me to ER. It was kind of funny to see her running through her home holding the tip of my finger in her hand.

Usually for me to agree to go to the ER something MAJOR must have happened….I agreed with her. Then I called James who was about to board a plane home from Nebraska. That was the first time I cried. Something about James makes me feel more vulnerable. He comforted me and told me to go to the ER. My friend Caitlin came to watch the kids.

Then I was kicked out of Urgent Care (they looked a little bit freaked out) and sent to the ER. Unfortunately at the ER there was nothing they could do. They couldn't reattach the tip of my finger. They couldn't give my finger any stitches. They numbed it, cleaned it, wrapped it up and sent me home….with a script for Vicodin.

James got to Sarah's just as I did to get the kids. Praise God! The numbness didn't wear off for 12 hours, and needless to say yesterday was a bit painful. I hate vicodin, it gives me the worst headache! So it's only tylenol for me. And last night was the worst…I had to take to bandage off and clean it. I will admit it was a bit of a dramatic scene in our kitchen. I was crying, and shaking (that's what I do when I start to panic), and more crying. The bandage had completely dried onto the tip of my finger and peeling it off was terrible!

But I did it people! With James help, and some prayer…I did it. It looks so nasty. I won't post a pic (your welcome), but trust me when I say it's gross!

(I'm about as sexy as they come…)

But I will tell you one thing…God is amazing! My finger looked like I would bleed to death. And I would have if our amazing Creator hadn't designed our blood to coagulate. It's truly amazing to watch my finger slowing stop bleeding and begin to heal itself. He truly is phenomenal!
And I praise him for protecting my life and giving me the best support system a girl could have.

Also…the winner of the giveaway is Paula!!
Congrats! I'll send you the info!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What I Wore

My mom got me a gift card to Old Navy for Christmas.

I adore shopping their clearance racks! Perfect time to stock up!

 But alas…I still suck at trying to take "outfit" pics. Hope these will suffice for the time being!

Shirt- Old Navy $4.00
Jeans- Wal-Mart $10
Necklace- my shop win it HERE
Boots- online $50 (gasp!)

I went shopping with James, which I never do! But he picked out the shirt. He loves me in white. Ok. I hated it in the store but I loved it at home. So comfy!

Also…if you want to win my necklace go and enter my GIVEAWAY!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

300+ Member Giveaway!

You guys! I can't believe I've hit the 300 GFC followers!

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