Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This picture made my heart so full I thought I would just die of pure joy.

James is such a great father. Unlike alot of men he bonds with his babies right away. And seeing his relationship already blooming with Ella just melts my heart.

Ella is easy to love though. With her tiny smiles, her soft cheeks, and her tiny giggles. She's just a perfect fit in our family. These are the moments I will never forget.


~ Joy ~

Friday, August 26, 2011

Slow Down Jo

Last night when we were going to bed, James and I snuck into the boys room to give them kisses and it hit me just how big they are getting. Josiah looked like a boy there in his bed. I rememberthe first time he layed in the bed he looked like a tiny baby laying there with the mattress on the floor. It brought tears to my eyes thinking that this time has gone by so quickly. I know that it will continue at this pace forever. There is this country song about missing these days. And I know it's so true.
Next Wed Josiah will start preschool, and I'm going to have one of those "First Day Of School" picutes. But I'm so not ready for it. I want my babies to stay babies forever! *Sniff*

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

If Only....

A few days ago I agreed to help out my MOPS group by making the gifts again this year. Last year was not my year with the gifts. I thought they came out tacky and lame. SO this year I got all inspired to be cute and creative. I started looking through Pinterest and got so many amazing ideas!
I also got this amazing idea for a DIY Anthropologie necklace. So I went to the craft supply store to get what I needed. I was totally overwhelmed. I was just standing there looking at the things I needed, and then left; empty handed. I couldn't decide on what type of chain and clasp to get. I am totally out of my element here.
I thought to myself "well at least I'll be able to do my MOPS gifts really cute". This, was not the case. What I had in my head came out much cheesier. Argh! I have so many ideas, so much desire, and yet I am struggling to put it together. Maybe I just need practice, and somebody to help me. Oh how I wish my crafty sister was here!!

At least I got a cute hairstyle from my "crafting attempt"

I am loving this new braid craze!

Monday, August 15, 2011


My boys are ruined. The day that James left for work my boys totally forgot how to play. Apparently without their Daddy, they have no idea what to do. James is amazing with them. He knows exactly how to keep them entertained 24/7; while me on the other hand, cannot play with them the same way he could. I have things to do, like sustain the life of my infant daughter. While I am nursing they are literally standing by me, just staring at me; waiting for me to finish so I can play with them. They are so restless. I have to threaten them in order for them to start playing. "Go play in the playroom, or I'm sending you to bed."

Yeah, I feel like an awesome Mom, but seriously! Before the summer began they were getting awesome at playing with each other and not having to ask me to help them come up with something for them to do. Today I asked them if they wanted to go for a walk and they just sat on the porch, bored out of their minds. Thank the Lord for Otter Pops to keep them busy for at least 5 minutes. At this very moment they are in the playroom, actually playing with each other. Only because they know the minute they ask me what to do, it's nap time. We're all just learning to get back into the swing of things. And little Miss Ella isn't helping with any sort of schedule that we had. Let the year begin.....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

End of Summer

I was expecting this summer to go by quickly...but holy cow; it just flew by! James started work again on Monday the 8th and it was my first offical day with all three of the kids by myself. And of course it was right in the middle of Ella testing out her sleeping schedual. She began waking up twice during the night, which did not make my life any easier! But seeing this face an extra time during the night made up for it totally! Last night she went back to her normal 3am feeding, which is one I can live with. I was acutally able to get some errands done with the boys without dying, so that's a plus. But I'll tell ya what...3 kids is WAY more work that I had expected. I thought my world was rocked after having Micah so close to Josiah. So I thought going from 2 kids to 3 was going to be breeze. Well, it's not folks. While I'm feeding Ella the boys know I can't do anything to them. So they get into trouble; some (Micah) more than others. But it's an adjustment time for all of us. They know that Mommy can't be with them every second. But, I'm trying my best to "share the love". It's just hard when you have an infant who demands lots of attention (and I'm not one to say no to Ella). But if I had to give the boys a grade for how they have been it would probably be a B for Jo and a B- for Micah. Not too bad. I'm okay with B's. But how can I serisouly ever stay mad at these kids? They melt my heart and I know that one day this will all be over and I'll be begging them to bring their kids over. But at least I'll be well rested then :)