Thursday, June 7, 2012

This Is My Life

Picture this:

I'm cleaning up the dishes after dinner.
James is not home because he is helping a friend move.
Ella is sick, but finally sleeping.
The boys are outside playing "peacefully".


Josiah runs inside the house; "Micah is bleeding!"

I throw the rag in the sink and run outside to see what happened.

Micah is crying loudly (and completely naked, of course….sigh).
Screaming over a little drizzle of blood from a cut on his knee.

I bring him inside and set him on a chair.
More screaming.
I dab the blood away and pull out the first aid kit.

Micah breaks into hysteria.

"I don't love band aaaaiiiiidddd!"  

"I don't love it!"

Who's kid is that?

Apparently this kid has developed a deep hatred of bandaids.


I couldn't stop laughing.

He was so dramatic I had to capture the moment.

This is my life.


Ashley O'Brien said...

That is so silly! I love his disgust with band-aids and the drama factor of it all! I also love that you stopped to record the moment. Coolest mother ever!

Jenn @ My Not So Glamorous Life said...

Hilarious!!! My son is equally as dramatic. I kid you not, he cries harder over a splinter than he did when he broke his leg. True story.
So funny that Micah doesn't love band-aids!

Bethany Reine' said...

glad to know i'm not the only mom who posts pics of their kids crying :) it's funny how dramatic they can be, especially as boys! i always thought that boys would be chill, but i've been very surprised!

Nicole said...

Oh the DRAMA! I've got a house full of it over here too!

Kelly said...

LOL!! Yep sounds familiar!!!! Hahaha!!!

Sarah Crosby said...

this is hilarious! i bet he is just scared that if the go on they must come off... ouch ;)

Kim Mcilrath said...

THat was awesome. Is it sick that I loved the smiling/laughing older brother in the background...

Ashley said...

O dear. this is so Ty. He also HATES them and its funny you always think they cheer kids up..haha i love that you captured this moment!!!
so darling/sad...