Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Children's Hospital….Again

Look at this face.

He's so stinking cute!

But he doesn't have good lungs!
Back in March he was Children's for an asthma attack {you can read about that here}.

And 2 days ago I found myself driving 90 mph on the interstate, rushing him to the hospital again. (Don't judge…I was freaking out!)

He started coughing around 9am on Monday morning. I was out running errands all morning with Josiah, while Micah stayed home and lounged with Daddy. When I got home around 2:30 we decided it was time to give him his inhaler, and put him down for a nap.
I went into his room and noticed he was really struggling to breath. Ribs retracting and really quick, shallow breaths.

In a panic I yelled for James to come grab Micah and get him in the car, I was rushing around looking for my shoes (of course!). Threw his clean blanket and the kindle in my bag and rushed (literally rushed) to Urgent Care.

On the way down he was SO lethargic. I asked him if he could talk to me, he could barely even respond "no" to me. Then he threw up, all over his clean blanket.

I was freaking out! I carried him into the ER, covered in throw up, looking like he was about to pass out. And they rushed him to the back before I could even finish signing my name.
They got him on a nebulizer immediately and I was so relieved when Micah didn't even fight the face mask.
His oxygen level was at 86% when we first arrived (which is much higher than the last time). After two  treatments he was able to stay off of oxygen keeping his level up to around 94% on his own.

We were bummed to hear we needed to stay the entire night again for observation. We didn't sleep much (him much more than I did).

He was amazing the entire stay! Took his treatments without a fight, he said thank you to all the people treating him and didn't complain once!

We need to move forward from here with a better plan from the doctors on how to prevent this.
It's leaning more and more toward getting his adenoids and tonsils removed. BOO!

But I can't tell you how grateful I am to live in a place where I can rush my child to the hospital whenever they are sick!

Still totally blessed beyond measure!


Ashley said...

im so sorry. sick kids are the worst thing ever. happy you are close to a hospital tho...
he sure is precious.

Sarah Fontenot said...

We have been down this road SO many times. I know exactly how you must have been feeling. Hope he's doing better!

Carly said...

Hope he's doing ok today! My best friend works at children's hospital Los Angeles, it's an amazing place!


Rachel said...

So so scary. We need to keep praying healing over that sweet little boy...