Monday, August 13, 2012

Difficult Decisions

We have made the decision to keep Josiah home one last  year.

He will be turning 5 in September, so that would make him the youngest in his class if we were to put him in today.

Today marks the first day of our "home" school year.

But I won't lie….
I'm a bit worried.

I'm worried that his speech will not progress the way it did when he was getting speech therapy at preschool. I'm nervous that he will not be with his peers academically.

I'm not a natural born teacher. That's my husband.
I'm not patient enough.
I don't even know where to begin with teaching.

But it's important to me to savor moments with my kids.
Josiah doesn't need to go to Kindergarten for one more year. And Micah still has 2 years until he needs to go.

These are the biggest reasons we're keeping him home:

1. The kid would still take a nap nearly every day if we made him.

2. Emotionally he is not ready to deal with K.

3. He would (most likely) be both the youngest and the smallest boy in his class.

4. Keeping him home one more year will make him (most likely) one of the oldest and biggest boys in his class.

5. Preschool is a small fortune, and not paying that money will allow both of the boys to do gymnastics in the fall, and get a speech therapist for both of the kids.

6. I like him. I want to smother him all to myself.

7. Micah loves him, and would be sad without him.

8. He will get plenty of socialization through the Bible Studies, MOPS, and playdates we participate in.

So now that we have made that decision I am determined to make sure that when he does go to Kindergarten he's not behind.

I have a schedule.
I have the workbooks for the boys.
I have chore charts.
And I have the will to get it done!

But most importantly I have two boys who love to learn and who love their family time.

I've got this….right?

What could possibly go wrong…..


The Norvells said...

You will do great! And you know in your heart it's the right decision for Jo. And now I can call you sobbing when my Jo starts next week :(!

Jessica McBurney said...

You can do it!! If you are looking for something to follow or a guide/ ideas you could use I am using that curriculum loosely this year with Ben. Happy home schooling!

Rachel said...

Reason #9: Auntie Rach is not ready for him to go.

You've totally this! You're an amazing mom, and if God made you a mommy, then you're a natural born teacher. They learn almost EVERYTHING from us.

Erin said...

You so got this! My oldest boy has been in speech class since he was 4 and his 2 younger brothers are increasingly better at their speech, but still need help. I kept my now 5 (turns 6 in Nov) year old home last year and loved it! He starts kindergarten next month!