Wednesday, February 19, 2014

12 Weeks

Today Caleb is 12 weeks.

I know that with each child time seems to slip by faster and faster; but wow!

I am trying to catch my breath from the rush of life, but I can honestly say I have enjoyed nearly every second with this sweet boy. He is so mild, sweet, and easygoing. I just love him so much!

I think it's safe to say *fingers crossed* he is now sleeping through the night.
I can't express how truly easy this baby is. I think I have had an extremelly challenging baby (Josiah with his horrific acid reflux/colic), two others who have been quite "normal"; and now Caleb, who I literally can wrap him up and put him in the swing and he is out without a fuss, only crying when he's hungry.

His smiles are intoxicating and gigantic. His eyes are bright and gigantic. He is such a handsome boy.
Not quite sure of his weight, but he is sure getting chubby! Nearly eating up to 5 oz at each feeding.
He is still eating nearly all breast milk. He is so blessed with sweet, compassionate, and generous women who donate their milk. He rarely spits up and is happy after bottles; giving me his best smiles after feedings.

He loves the chaos that comes with our family. He loves to watch the kids play (we keep him at a safe distance). Micah and Ella are always asking to hold him, and kiss him, and feed him. Josiah is the best help I can find…he will feed him his bottle nearly every school morning while I pack his lunches. I can't explain how helpful older siblings can be!

Micah thought it was nice to share his ring with Caleb. 

This boy is also quite strong! He even started rolling over at 11 weeks. I was fortunate enough to actually catch it on film! Woo Hoo!

Needless to say, we are enjoying this baby so much. Life is quite crazy, quite stressful, and quite messy…but I am trying to soak it up as much as possible!
Having fun and laughing as much as possible…after all if we don't laugh at the chaos we all might start to cry…

Happy 12 weeks, Caleb! So happy to have you in our life!

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Rachel said...

I love him so much!