Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Portland and Astoria

I've always wanted to visit Portland. I have been to Oregon with my family when I was in college, but we didn't make it into the city (why would you venture into a city when you're camping…we're trying to avoid people, right Dad?). When James' brother, Beau moved to the city I couldn't wait to go and visit him! Portland was gorgeous (and weird, kinda like a giant sized Boulder, CO).

While James, his dad, and the kids braved the 19 hour drive, Caleb and I flew (I'll take a 3 hour journey over a 2 day journey any day, thank you very much!). And this baby was perfectly angelic on the plane. We even had to sit in the middle seat and this baby hardly made a peep! He even enjoyed the turbulence, smiling and giggling with each drop.

Beau picked us up from the airport and then we ate at Mother's in downtown Portland. If you ever have the chance to eat there, it's worth the 45 minute wait. Seriously, yummy! Caleb is making really funny old man faces lately. He's seriously cracking me up with them! 

A trip to VooDoo Doughnut was to be expected. It was yummy, yet a little less than "family friendly" on the inside. Ella's had bubblegum on the top, mine had bacon; I win.
I hear this place can have crazy long lines…to me…not worth waiting more than 15 min. It's still a just a doughnut, folks.

We then walked around the river, and visited their Saturday market, which felt like I was walking through a real life Etsy. If I lived here I would run on this bridge!

We rode the tram, ate at Lardos (YUM, order the gyro and dirty fries :: you will feel like a lardo when you leave), went to Washington Park (gorgeous), the Rose Garden, the Children's Museum, ate more yummy food (gained about 5 lbs), and loved this city. 

On our way back from Cannon Beach we stopped in Astoria (the town the Goonies was placed in). Holy guacamole!! It is GORGEOUS; so, very breathtaking. It's hilly roads reminded me of San Francisco, but it's river/ocean views cannot be beat; truly magnificent. We visited the Tower on top of a hill. You walk up 164 stairs to the top and you can throw a balsa wood plane from the top. The boys loved it, I don't especially love heights and could barely let my back leave the column. And then my camera ran out of batter :( Good thing I captured the fun before it ran out of juice! 

It was such a fun and exhausting trip. By the end, this is how we all felt…

With the exception of the baby…

We'll be back one day. It's too gorgeous to stay away for too long!

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