Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How To Make Sushi at Home

James and I love sushi but hate the price tag that goes along with it. We've had some of the best sushi you can find at The Sushi Den in Denver. Ah-mazing! I haven't figured out how to make it as delicious as their's, but I'm trying! I know that sushi is all about what ingredients you use and how fresh your fish is. We live in CO, it's rough to find really fresh fish without is costing you your first born. So we've come to find this "happy place" with our sushi. When I'm craving it I'll get my fix at home. Here's how I make it at home.

Here's what you'll need for a California Roll {The B Family Style}:

2-21/2 Cooked Sushi Rice
1/4 Cup Seasoned Rice Vinegar
1/4 Cup Sugar
Nori Seaweed Wraps (sold in the Asian aisle)
Carrots for extra crunch (cut into thin sticks)
Crab Legs
Cucumber (cut into thin sticks)
Avocado (cut into thin wedges)
Sesame Seeds
Dipping Sauces (Soy sauce with sirachi, wasabi or whatever else you love!)

You can find sushi rice at pretty much any grocery store these days. It's sold in the Asian aisle. I know that you can also use any form of short grain rice, but I like to stick to what I know….sushi rice! When the rice is just about done I'll add the seasoned rice vinegar and sugar and let them set for about 10 min. Usually I didn't think ahead to let the rice cool and I have found a great way to cool it fast is to put it onto a baking sheet and stick it into the fridge for a bit and voila! ready to roll.

Make sure your veggies are cut into sticks, or wedges in the avocado's case.

 You will need one of these handy, dandy rolling mats and a flat, wooden spoon.

Your first step is to lay your wrap down. Here's the thing….you have options here…you can use the wrap alone, or use the rice and nori (see weed), or the rice on the outside and the nori on the inside…choices, choices, choices. I've heard that Americans like it with the rice on the outside and the nori onto, and then the fillings…..whatever floats your boat. Here's two ways we do in our home:

Just rice:
Use your flat wooden spoon to "smash" your rice onto the mat. Keep your edges nice an neat because of the rolling later.
You may have to wet your spoon to from sticking to the rice.

Option two (much easier!) (but the kids don't like it as much): Place the nori onto the mat and cover it with the rice. 

I then add a line of mayo (not clean eating!) onto the rice.

Line the veggies and crab along with the lines of your mat…for rolling purposes.

Now you roll!
Take your mat and roll it over all of your ingredients. Don't worry about smashing them together…you want them to stick together. 

You will then pull back the mat from the rice and start again with the rolling. Then finish it off and you have a sushi roll!

Slice it into pieces you and you have sushi pieces!

What I love about this is that I can use anything I want! I can use shrimp, or scallops, or salmon. I can use anything…and it's always yummy. We've had a Colby Beef Sushi Roll before. I have not tried to use beef….but I just might!

Sauce can make or break it as well….
Use a bit spice with a bit of salty…yum yum yum!

There ya go….hope I just saved you a $50 sushi bill for one night!

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