Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lake Havasu City 2015

Our second vacation of the summer was a trip to visit my Grandparents in Lake Havasu, AZ. We went a couple of years ago and had such a great time with them. This year we were joined by my sister and her family. It was a few days of sugared up kids and sunscreen, just like my childhood. 

My handsome nephew Gabriel. Those eyes. 

The kids were kept entertained by hunting down a lizard. It was actually quite impressive they finally caught him. My niece Annabelle was especially proud.

 Swim, snack, watch cartoons. That's the life!

We ate In-N-Out 3, possibly 4 times. I don't remember, it was all a big huge Double Double blur; delicious, fried blur.

 We had the **best** time ever getting from Lake Havasu to the lovely city of Las Vegas. We had planned on having my Grandpa take us into Vegas to catch our flight. Well.......that didn't happen due to a car issue (the car literally stopped working in the middle of the road) so we had to hunt down a car rental. Turns out I ended sitting on the floor for two and a half hours while being kicked in the face by Caleb. Good times, real good times.

That lovely car ride was then followed up by a romantic walk around the streets of Las Vegas with all four of our innocent children. To be fair, it wasn't all bad. We bought M&Ms at the factory.

Caleb did horrible on the plane, more good times. Needless to say e were glad to get home, but so happy to get time to spend with my Grandparents. Especially after losing James Gramps, we needed some time with them. 

And now the school year begins!

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