Monday, September 12, 2011

What....He's 4?!?!?!

Holy Cow! Time has literally passed me by. Josiah will be 4 years old tomorrow! I can't believe it. I remember bringing him home from the hospital and freaking out when my Mom left me after two weeks. I was a new mom and I had no idea what was normal for a baby to do. He had horrible acid reflux and puked like no other baby I have ever seen. I had to burp the kid over the sink! And he's 4 years old! AH!

We had his 4th birthday party at a nearby park, and I will never (unless necessary) have another birthday party of his at my house. It was amazing to just be able to have the kids play, they adults chat, and throw out our trash right there. It was so fun.

I was just talking today with a friend about how I don't throw a birthday party for my kid's necessarily, I do it so that we can build memories of good times with our family and friends. Just to feed everyone (subs, chips, watermelon, and cake) was $100. Nuts! We obviously just want to make our kids happy, but throwing a party is for me! Let's be honest. I want to remember these years that fly by so quickly.

It was such an awesome day. But with each morning that passes I know that my little boy is growing to be a "big boy". It's breaking my heart. He's going to be amazing, I know it! He has an awesome memory (particularly when it comes to a promised treat), a knack for loving everybody, a sensitive spirit, and a desire to learn. I'm proud to be his Mom and I can't wait to see what my fun loving, adorable 4 year old will grow to be in the next year!

~So here's to you Jo~

~You are such a blessing to your Momma~

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