Friday, December 30, 2011

DIY Grandparents Board

I'm always trying to give my the kid's grandparents thrifty, yet meaningful gifts. I've given oodles of pictures, but it's never enough. Grandparents just LOVE their photos. So I thought this would be the greatest gift. Each year they can just swap out the pics!

It was pretty easy to put together.

So here's How To make your own GRANDPARENTS BOARD

#1: Buy an unfinished wood plaque.

I bought these at Hobby Lobby for $7.99 each
(with a 40% off coupon making it just under $5.00 each)

#2: Prime your board with a basic white primer paint.

#3: Paint your board using any paint color of your choice.

I used Ceramoat Black Cherry

#4: Paint unfinished wood letters.

I got these at Hobby Lobby. $.77 per pack of 4 letters.
(I wasn't feeling like stenciling out all the letters!)
I used Americana Acrylic Paint in Bleached Sand

I also painted my clothespins to match the letters.

#5: Nail in picture hooks to the backside of plaque so it can be hung.

#6: Lay out letters and clothespins and glue, glue, glue!

I used Titebond Original Wood Glue for this step.

Let dry and voila!

Your board is ready for the pics!

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