Monday, March 12, 2012

Family Rules Tutorial

I've been working on our Family Rules sign since October. 

That's nuts to me! 

I'm usually the kind of girl who gets my mind on something and has to have it completed pronto.

But due to how intricate and finicky this was…I needed frequent breaks from it.

But here it is…

finally finished and hung on our wall.

Here's how I did it…

~I started with a blank canvas like this one (only mine measures 24"x30") from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon. I think it cost me around $15.00.

~Then I painted it with acrylic paint. And I wasn't able to find the exact color I wanted so I mixed a dark brown with some black.
This took me about 3 coats to make it look flawless.

This is when it gets really time consuming.

~I purchased a pack of scrapbook paper for all of my letters from Wal-Mart for about $5.00. Making sure to choose really neutral colors, that wouldn't look crazy against the dark brown canvas.
Most of the pages did have a design to them which added a fun element to the letters. Making each work totally unique (but only if you look closely).

~Next I used a Circut to help me cut out all my letters (I borrow one from a friend). 
This is really time consuming because you have to use extreme caution to get all of the tiny letters off of the sticky pad. I didn't have a tool to remove the letters for I used the tip of a steak knife….worked like a charm!
I would only cut out one line at a time, to ensure I didn't mix all my paper together. 
I used a different size, and sometimes a different "shadow" font, to ensure a little texture on the canvas.
If you like all of your words to be the same size…this would make things much easier and much more effiennt. But alas…I like to be difficult!

~Then I used a really long level to lay down a piece of clear tape on the canvas. This gave me a way to ensure I would have a straight line when gluing my letters down.

In this photo you can see the plastic tape that made my line, and you can also see how I arranged my letters. 

~I used a tiny piece of tape to stick each letter onto my clear tape line. 
I made sure to have my letters sticking to the top of my tape, that way if I needed to rearrange any of my lines (which I had to do several times!) It was easy to peel and re-stick my entire line without having to deal with each individual letter. 

~After I had all of my lines arranged (this took a long time seeing as how I was never fully satisfied with everything) it was time to glue them down.

~I used Mod Podge and a paint brush to paint each letter (exhausting…I know) and then stick it to the canvas. Having the tape was again very helpful because I was able to remove only one letter at a time and place it EXACTLY where it needed to go.
*note…only put the glue on the bottom side of the letter, trying to put the Mod Podge on the top only seemed to made the letters fall off…weird…I know)

~And that's it!~

It doesn't take many brains to get this done…but it does take patience. 

I had to take a lot of breaks, because I was getting really burnt out.

I'm so happy with the way it turned out. 

And I love that it's completely custom for our family. These rules came from both James and me, and these are my these are the exact qualities I want my children to have.

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OkSoItsJenn said...

Found you on Singing Three little birds! Newest Follower. I love love love your house rules! My boyfriend and I are in the process of coming up with a mission statement for our relationship/marriage/life together. I had no idea how I was going to display it, but this is a fantastic idea!! And I'm always looking for a reason to use Mod Podge =) Can't wait to read more!!!

Christine said...

This is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! I really love it :)

Thanks for joining the Show Some Love Linky Follower Fest Blog Hop! I can't seem to find Linky Followers on your blog.. so I'm following you via GFC :)

Christine :)

Anne Jones said...

Hi New follower . . . I have done Subway are and Ashley at Lil Blue Boo, had an idea for this and I followed her tutorial. But she painted her canvas a lite color and then cut her letters out of contact paper on her Silhouette. Peeled the letters and arranged them the way she wanted and then rubbed them all to make sure they were stuck down well and then spray painted the background color she wanted let dry really well and then pop the letters off one at a time and with a tiny brush you may and I did but touch up some of the edges. I guess it does not really matter these are a lot of work! Your's looks great. Anne

Jewels@Joy-n-Jesus said...

I LOVE THIS! So glad to find your blog! I have been wanting to make one of these! I did a family Values canvas, but I love the rules and the way it turned out! Thanks for sharing! Fellow sister in Jesus! Following now :)

Netties Expressions said...

This looks awesome! Love the Family values!

Katie @ Pincushion Creations said...

I LOVE THIS!! Definetly looks like a lot of work, but totally worth it! I would LOVE to have you share this at my link party thats going on!

Becca said...

Hello! I found your blog through 5 Days... 5 Ways. This is so cool. I would love to have one of these when I have my own family one day. It looks really good on the green wall, too. :)

Carrie @ My Favorite Finds said...

THank you for sharing this at Handmade Tuesdays. I am literally sitting here waiting for paint to dry on a canvas I messed up because I tried to stencil family rules on it. Now i"m going to use stickers! Thanks for the inspiration, and I'm featuring you next week!

Taylor said...

What a beautiful result! I love everything about this!! I'm glad you finished it! It looks stunning! :)
I would love for you to share this with my "Unveil Your Genius" Link party!

Happy Weekend!!

Ginger said...

Featuring YOU tonight. You were one of the top viewed links at last week's {wow me} wednesday party! Congrats. Thank you so much for linking up. :)

Ginger @

Carrie @ My Favorite Finds said...

Yay! Congrats on being featured on My Favorite Finds AND Gingersnap Crafts!

Julie Bagamary said...

GREAT piece of art and encouragement!!

MadebyaPrincess said...

Love that! Might have to steal the idea for my foyer ;)