Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mommy Things I Couldn't Live Without

Every mother has her "must have" list.
The items she must have with her kids.

I thought I'd jot down mine, lest I forget!

Thermal Swaddle Blankets
: Themermal blankets stretch the best. I wrapped my babies so tight you'd think they couldn't breath. But I swear by it. It saved my sanity. And they LOVED it as much as I did. Who doesn't love a baby burrito?

: My boys had horrific eczema, and without this stuff their skin would be bloody.

Children's Ibuprofen and Tylanol
: Oh... the many times this brought relief to my babies…and more so, to me.

Mesh Food Bags
: A great way to get them to eat big pieces of food without choking. And a good way for them to spend 30min.

: Hands free nursing….I'm in!

: Josiah was the only baby to take one…but probably would have died without it. Didn't give it up until he was 3.

Blanky (in duplicates)
: All three if them can't sleep without their blankies. And owning 2 of them allows for constant access to at least one of them while the other one is being washed.

Josiah's Green Blankie
~mistake…only owning one of them~

 Micah's blue Blanky

Ella's Pink Blanky

: Really helps teach the early mechanics of sitting on their own

: I can have them on the counter and away from the other children : )

She got her "own". So spoiled!

Bumper Pads
: Micah concstatly got his legs caught in the rails without a bumper pad
This mesh one is amazing! It's breathable. I highly recommend it!

Zip Up Onesies
: SO much easier than the button up ones. I'm a HUGE fan of zippers! They are harder to find…but worth it, especially for those "middle of the night" diaper changes!

Rice Puffs
: Disolves in the mouth much quicker than a cheerio; which is a good thing!

Baby Food Jars
: I never had the time to prepare my own food. So grateful for the jars!

: I never produced the way I wanted to…they would have starved to death without it!

Breast Pump
: Seriously…what did they do in the old days…hand express? No thanks!

Humidifier (the one without the filter)
: We live in Colorado people…it's crazy dry here! And it's quite expensive to have to change out a filter all the time!

Baby Bjorn
: Hands free way to hold my baby…yes please!

Josiah @ 4 months
Baby Monitor
: Enough said

: I don't know what they would eat without them!

: How could anybody tell that Ella was a girl?!?
Okay…let's be honest…you'd never guess she was a boy…too many frills : )

: I'm a little obsessed with dressing my boys just like their daddy…it's just TOO cute!

Josiah at 3 months

My Hubby
: Seriously...without my husband…I would be LOST. He's been my rock, provider, and best friend through all of this.
He's the best father. No doubt!
I believe with my entire heart that parenting was not meant to be done alone. It's tragic when it has to be. Thanks to my handsome husband for being my "right hand man".

 I wouldn't be 1/2 the mom I am without you!

Just look at the way he looks at her.

So what about you? 
What are your must haves for "mommy hood"?

I'd LOVE to hear it!


Susan said...

We don't have kids yet, but my hubby and I both slather on aquaphor before we go to bed at night, especially on our faces. We look like we have some crazy kind of alien skin but it works so well! :)

Jennifer said...

Love that your hubby is on the list! I'm 9 weeks right now and your list made me think of things I may need that I didn't know about with my daughter.

Sarah B. said...

Thanks for sharing this list - it will be extremely helpful as I start registering for my first baby due in July :D

Emilee said...

Great post idea its a lovely list! AND a lovely family too! New follower from the wednesday hop at 3 four and under!

Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

I'm not a mom [or even close to it] but one of my good friends is getting ready to have her first baby. I love reading suggestions from other moms so I can gift her with helpful items. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! :)

Daisy said...

What a great post, your little ones are so cute!
I love the baby bjorn idea, could have done with that when mine were babies.