Wednesday, May 23, 2012


We have been working so hard around here.

Ella will be 1 (sigh) on Friday and her party will be the week after. We want to celebrate with a party in our backyard.

When we bought our house a couple of years ago it was newly built with an unfinished backyard. That meant we had to finish it. Last summer was the patio, the grass, the fence, and the retaining wall.

{Baby footprints…Ella was less than 2 weeks old!}

This summer is the garden box, the rock (all 22, 500 lbs), the mulch, the dirt, flowers, and plants.

{the garden box my handsome hubby built for me}

When James and I get onto a task…we want to accomplish it immediately. It's actually how we make most decisions. We get the idea, we pray, we discuss and usually within hours we're moving toward accomplishing it.

This massive pile (over 11 tons) of rock was moved within a week. My back hurt, James' back hurt, my shoulders hurt, James' shoulders hurt, and my kids were neglected playing by themselves for a bit.

Once the rock was moved I decided to paint the hallway (because I'm insane), and do a little redecorating.

 {Kid's bedroom doors}

{the butterfly wall in our bedroom. Butterflies collected from significant moments in our past}

I feel so fortunate to live in the home we do, and I want to use it to glorify God. I love to bless families with playmates at our house.

I cannot wait to get the backyard DONE!

And I can't wait to post all of the before and after pics.


Kate said...

This sounds like us exactly! When we moved into our home it was newly built with an unfinished backyard! And boy has it been a challenge and a lot of work to get it done! We moved in 2 years ago and still have enough to keep us busy! Good Luck getting your projects done!

Très bien said...

Love the new garden idea! Can't wait to see the finished product :]
Visiting from follow me wednesday.
Love on a Budget

elise said...

LOVE this kids' bedroom doors!

xo, Jersey Girl said...

I love the butterfly wall!!

New follower from the blog hop :0) Can't wait to catch up on your posts!!

If you get a chance stop by my blog and say hi :)

xo, Jersey Girl

Nicole Jensen Barry said...

Your blog is so cute! Just stopping by from the Follow Me Wednesday hop! Following you on GFC :)

- Nicole @ Me + the Moon

Leanne said...

I know I've mentioned before that your daughter is so much like my daughter, but I had no idea they were the exact.same.age! My daughter (also 3rd child) turns one on Friday too!! So sad :(

Leanne @ Because (I think) I Can