Thursday, May 17, 2012


I have always considered myself to be a "stand your ground" kind of a parent.

I will admit that I have never enjoyed the sound of a crying baby {this is a shocking statement}.
But I have always been able to let my boys cry. I didn't do "Baby Wise", and I've never tried to sleep train my kids. But after the initial "baby phase" they both boys became great sleepers.
When they were babies I woke up to feed them. And, like clockwork, at 9 months the boys both stopped nursing and began sleeping 12 hours at night.

But this one….

I am a total sucker.

Yesterday she was throwing her food onto the floor {Micah is was a pro at this, and passed his talents on to her}.
James gave her a tap on her hand.
Food on floor.
Another tap. Another handful of food on the floor.
A third tap and her eyes welled up, she pooched out her bottom lip, and looked so sad.

James scooped her up and snuggled her.
Not that I was encouraging him to comfort her or anything…no, not me.


I know this is what she is thinking.

She squeals when her brothers come by, I pick her up.
She turns her nose up to carrots, I give her yogurt.
She cries in the middle of the night, I give her a bottle.

Yes…I see the pattern.
Yes…I see that I am giving into her.
Yes…I know that I will turn her into a spoiled rotten princess if I keep it up.

I can't explain why I do this. Maybe it's because she's our only girl, or last baby, or the cutest thing ever. But we know we have to stop.

The little lady cried for 2 hours {2 HOURS} last night because I wouldn't snuggle with her. When I comforted her, she fell asleep in my arms. She never does this. She's not a snuggle baby, and she's never loved to sleep in my arms. But lately that is all she wants. To sleep with me. It took every ounce of strength I had to put her back in her crib and listen to her cry.

She's manipulating killing me.

But it's time. I have to let her become more independent.
{wipes tears dramatically}

Let's face it, she's nearly one. And this Mama needs to sleep.


Natalie said...

Bethany I feel your pain/desperation.... you see I too am a sucker for my 20 month old - she is also no 3 and our last baby. She totally gets away with everything and her siblings are as bad as I am - she is waaaaaay to adored! Sigh - its 2am now and she is up watching Dora....It doesnt get better! Oh but she is super cute xxx Natalie

Sarah said...

What a GORGEOUS baby - thank you for sharing! Happy mother's day!

elise said...

hahaha good thing she is absolutely adorable right!?

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

hang in there! she's darling ha found you via the wiegands xo