Monday, November 26, 2012

Disney: Part 1

I feel like I can't fit all our trip to Disney World into one post, so I'm splitting it up!

The first day was spent at Cocoa Beach.

The second was spent at Magic Kingdom in the morning and Hollywood Studies for dinner.
I promise I won't post 5 more days of photos. That's a bit excessive.

Look at our rig. Having the standing glider was the best $10 we ever spent!

 Let the Memories Begin!

They were SO excited to get on Peter Pan (which we ended up riding at least 12 times during the trip).

We ran into our friends from home. It was so fun to see them!

Ella was so sick the first day. She was crabby and wouldn't even let me hold her. Only Daddy.
Looking cute anyway...

 Aladdin Ride with our Princess.

We had dinner at the most fun places. Our first night we ate at Prime Time Diner.
The picture below is a table near us.
It was so fun!

And then we crashed.

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Rachel said...

Ah! I love it all. Ella is so adorable, and I want to take the boys home with me. Abby is really missing them...and she talks about Uncle James all the time ;-)