Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WIW Lace and Skinnies

I swore I wouldn't do it.

Promised I would never even try them on.

But I couldn't resist…

I bought my first pair of real skinny jeans.

Lace Top: Ebay $10
Skinny Jeans: Walmart $10 
Necklace: Lauren Conrad (a gift from a great friend)
Heels: Gift from My mom
And then I bought another one.


I love them.

{both of these pics are atrocious…don't be too creeped out by me}

I love that I can wear them with boots (and not have a boot "muffin top), or heels, or flats.

I purchased this lace top on Ebay and was so mad when I opened the package and found that it was this blue. I swore I ordered the black one. But alas….I love it too.

Next time I'll have to show you my teal pants (it's getting a little crazy…I agree).

Did you try something new this week?
I'd love to see it!!!


How cute is my daughter? 18 months old and still no hair.

Although  being the obsessive person I am I did manage to get all four strands of it in a pony tail. I love having a girl!


Shannon @Imperfectly Perfect Grace said...

I love your outfit! It looks much more expensive than what you paid for your items (i love when that happens!) You're rockin it!

Rosala said...

the whole wearing boots thing works A LOT better with skinny jeans! I was bald as a baby too! I don't think my mom could get anything into my hair until I was 3.

Erin said...

Watch out world, we are getting crazy. ;) I love skinny jeans, I was so scared to try them at first and now it is mainly all I wear. I can't wait to see the teal ones! Next stop for you, bootie boots. ;)

Rachel said...

I swore I would never wear skinny jeans for about the first four years they were popular...and then I fell in love with them. I had a cousin who was significantly more bald than that till about 3 years old. She eventually got hair, though!

Amanda Cobb said...

I had the same epiphany about skinny jeans early last year. Never thought I'd do it. But now I'm obsessed. Most of my jeans are of the skinny variety.

I love the blue lace. :)