Monday, December 24, 2012

Buddy's Gift and {Etc}

Today is our last day with Buddy. This morning he left a note for the kids saying that he stole a couple of gifts from Santa to give to them early. 
James came up with this idea. I adore that man!

They were so excited and I'm sad to see him leave, he's been such an awesome and fun tool for us!

Here's some of the other shenanigans Buddy caused…

 After our "Grinch Party" Buddy dressed up as the Grinch and even stole Super Dog to make him Max.

 After Micah had to have a visit to the ER for a cut near his eye, Buddy got into the First Aid kit.

But as you can see Buddy is quite sweet to our kids!

I also wanted to mention a couple of other things (completely unrelated of course).

Today my first article has been published for I was conted by them to be a contributing author a while back. It has been truly amazing to see how God is using this blog to take me in other directions!

If you have a few extra minutes today go and check it out! Let me know what you think!

How My Dad Impacted who I Chose to Marry.
By Bethany Brittenham

One more thing! If you're visiting from the giveaway at Yours Truly Blog, welcome! I'm excited to have you here! And if you haven't heard about it…you might want to check it out. There are about a million prizes being given away including one of my very own SHOP items!

The Vanilla Rose Ring and Earring Set!

Merry Christmas Eve to you all! 

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Four Seasons Style said...

I love your posts about Buddy - how cute! We just got an Elf on the Shelf this year (he was named Snowflake :)It was such a fun thing and my 6 year old little man really got into it. It was so cute!
You have a great blog!
I am your newest follower :)