Friday, December 14, 2012

Burlap Frame

Much like my obsession with chalkboard paint I have now developed a love for burlap.
It's so funny to me too, because it seems so "country" chic. I remember the days when burlap bows and chicken decor went hand in hand.
But it's all the rage again, and since I'm a trend follower I had to jump on board!

So here's two of my new favorite additions to our home.

~ Burlap Frame Ring Holder

I have this in my kitchen, so my ring has a pretty place to rest when it's about to get messy!

~Burlap Collage Frame

I can't take any credit for this frame idea. It was all my sister's. She has a cork board in her home full of photos from their sponsor children with this quote from Mother Teresa,
"Live simply so others may simply live".
So I stole the idea (and the quote) and made one for our play room.

Here's the step by step tutorial on how to do it. It's crazy easy!!

I had an old frame which I removed the glass from. What you are left with is that wood or cardboard backing. This is what I applied the burlap too. I decided to glue it to the backing of the frame instead of the glass because of the color of the board and this way if I ever decided to "repurpose" it again, I still have the glass.

Lay out the board and measure out your burlap.

Cut the burlap

Apply Mod Podge to the entire backing.

Lay burlap down onto backing. I then cut twine to the exact measurement of how I needed them to lay on my board.

I then used hot glue at the edges and cross points (at the X) of the twine.
And voila!
Put it back into the frame (which I spray painted white) and hang it!

(Noticing the frame is crooked. Serves me right for not using the level)

I love the frame in our playroom. It's a great reminder that we have family in Africa too. I hang our sparser kid's artwork right next to my bio kid's art. After all, they are part of the family too!

I made the ring holder frame the exact same way. Only I stuck a thumbtack into the middle to hold the ring. Easy stuff people!

After all…I love burlap!!


Tiffany H. said...

I LOVE that rig holder! i'm definitely making one.


Roxanne Reinhart said...

I love your collage board. I have tons of fashion rings - does the push pin hold the rings on very well?

Katherines Corner said...

it's wonderful! Thank you for sharing at the hop :-)