Friday, March 15, 2013

So Weird

Yesterday was weird.
No better way to describe it than "weird".

It started out beautifully. It was 63 degrees by 10am so we spent the morning in the backyard digging up dirt and planting our lettuce seeds.
I heard somebody knocking on my garage door (so weird!) and when I answered it, it was my good friend Sarah and her 4 kids. They all played in the yard for about 45 min then we piled into the car and headed to James school to play with him (he is the PE teacher after all).
I couldn't bring my phone, it was dead (not weird) (I'm terrible with charging it). We  hit crazy traffic in the middle of the afternoon (so weird) and when we got out of the car Micah nearly got ran over by a car (not weird) (we're working on not running into the road…yikes!). Then we found James and he asked what was going on with Micah's eyes. Holy Moly! They were nearly swollen shut!
I scooped up my 40lb 4 year old and began to rush him to the school nurse (praise God for school nurses) who then told us to give him some Benadryl.
Holy crappy mom, batman!
That's how I felt. How did I not see his eyes before we got into the school?
I'll tell you why. I was rushing to get to James, we were late, his lunch was ending, I had a baby, a diaper bag, and a lunch bag in my arms. And I was busy telling Micah that he could get hit by a car.
But you know that moment when something happens, and all sins are forgiven?
He was nearly smushed 2 minutes ago and I was furious about it. Then it switches immediately when you realize the gravity of the moment.
The swelling underneath his eyes subsided but the bruising never seemed to fade and I stayed worried. I ended up taking him to Urgent Care only to leave learning that we just have to let the meds do their work.

These asthma attacks, surgeries, eczema, and now allergic reactions are wearing me thin.
But through all of these things Micah doesn't complain once. Not a word out of him about breathing, itching, and swollen eyes. He truly is so tough. Too tough.
He'll be the kid breaking his collar bone and finishing the game -But God, you don't have to test him in this-
He's Super Micah.

God knew he could handle this, but can I?
I need to learn what's causing this. Time to call the allergist and get this figured out.

The cherry on top of my weird day…..

Jury Duty Summons.

I'm thinking Tina Fey is smart….I might even try this ; )

One more day until the weekend.

We can do this!


Erin said...

So praying for you and your family! By now you have made it to the weekend, yay!

Ashley said...

aw poor boy. hope you get it figured out. and the whole princess leia thing...made my day

i tagged you in my five things post if you want to play along