Wednesday, March 6, 2013

So What….

So what…

:: I wear the same sock bun or braid for 3 days straight.
(I get a little lazy and don't have the energy to change it)

:: This morning is supposed to be my morning off from the kiddos, and I couldn't wake Ella. She just looked too peaceful. Looks like we get a date day : )

:: My finger is growing back nicely. (Don't you love that I just threw that out there??)

Sorry I made you look.

:: I really need a girl's night out.

:: I miss James, a lot. He's working and volunteering so much right now, and we don't have much time together. I think I need a date night as well! But he's the best father. Ever.

:: I haven't cut my boy's hair. They are all looking shabby (but they are crazy beautiful none the less).

:: I need a haircut desperately, but am too "busy".

:: I can't stop eating nachos, and bread.

:: I have a pretty amazing life, even if I complain sometimes.


Rachel said...

Dad said we could have a girl's day by painting his hopefully soon to be townhome. They said they'd babysit. I'm up for that! No kids and painting!! ;-)

Brittany GraceAnn said...

omg this totally hits home for me... i can relate!!! my little family has been sick for 2 weeks now??? .... we are just surviving... wearing the same clothes every day, not leaving the house, needing a date night... *prayers, sister!* XO