Monday, June 10, 2013

7 Years Ago

At Last by Etta James on Grooveshark

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary.

When James pulled away this morning for camp he rolled the window down and said "I have an itch". What a sweetheart.
Honestly, I still adore the man.

This morning I thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures from our big day.
It was such a happy day.

We were so fortunate to get married at my parents home in the mountains. What a gorgeous setting it is.

I had to include this pic, because it made me laugh out loud. That's my mom…smooching my groom on the mouth. Ha! 

This moment. When my dad gave me away, and gave James my purity ring. 

This moment. When it was just us at the alter. Untied.

This moment. I became his wife.

This moment. Looking at his new ring. You know, he never takes it off. Never. 

I used James grandmother's clutch. She took it to the military ball when she was dating James' grandfather. So special.

My mom made the cake. I loved it. I was DELICIOUS.

I remember laughing so much that day. I had so much fun.
Today, we still laugh together.
I am so blessed.

Thanks babe for the best 7 years.
You still take my breath away.


Carly said...

Happy Anniversary!


Kristin C said...

Happy Anniversary! Beautiful wedding day!

Tiffany H. said...

So beautiful!I love your dress. And those mountains are an amazing backdrop. Happy Anniversary.

Angela Betlewicz said...

This is breath taking beauty! Visiting from HickoryTrail

Jamie Campbell said...

Happy Anniversary!! :)

Rachel said...

Happy seven years!! Your pictures really brought tears to my eyes--you guys look like you had such a fun, family-filled wedding!

The Norvells said...

That was such a FUN day! Congratulations!!!

Wholesome Womanhood said...

What a sweet post. :-) Happy Anniversary!

Kat Biggie said...

What a beautiful bride you were! And you had an incredible photographer. Those are amazing pictures! Happy Anniversary!

Rosala said...

Gorgeous couple! Love the mountain setting. Oh, and Happy Anniversary!