Thursday, June 13, 2013

OutDoor ToyBox MakeOver

I've been searching and searching for an outdoor toy box for all my kids junk.
All the balls, squirt guns, and shovels were driving me batty. I used an old laundry basket last summer, but I'd had it this summer.

I made it my mission to find one. Then I realized they are so expensive. I mean really…$100 for something that's going to get trashed?! I don't think so.

Then yesterday I found one at a garage sale for $15. $15.oo people! I was so excited because it was in awesome condition (probably because she never kept it outdoors). I wasn't crazy about the colors so I bought a couple of cans of spray paint and, VOILA

I chose Rust-Oleum's Nutmeg and Espresso.  To be honest with you I'm not totally sure that the paint will hold up very well. I know that it states that it "Also Bonds To Plastic!"…but…I'm doubtful. We'll see how time goes by.

As soon as I put it against the wall I noticed I may have a slight obsession with brown.

Hmmm…I can't even help myself I guess.

I love the colors and I'm loving the lack of junk on my lawn!

I'd say it was the best $20 I've spent it a while!

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Anonymous said...

Oh awesome! I have always wanted to paint something plastic! I am inspired now!


The Mom said...

How did this hold up