Friday, July 26, 2013

Family Vacations Make Me Happy

We made the long drive to visit my grandparents in Lake Havasu City, AZ. 
It was a bit of a last minute decision to make the drive, but it was one of the best trips we've made as a family. 

Our first part of the trip was the road trip. We genuinely enjoyed the road trip with the kids. The drive from CO to the Grand Canyon was gorgeous. The kids were great, and the time I spent with James was great. I'm so happy to say that the long drive went so great. 

The Grand Canyon is truly amazing. To think that God has given us a place like this on earth makes me desire Heaven even more. 
Although it was a bit hard to truly enjoy due to the fact that I have small children near a steep drop.
Yeah….we were holding on TIGHT.

Once we arrived in Lake Havasu the first thing we did was smooch Great Pa and Great Gran and then jump in the pool.
How cool is my grandma? I bet you don't have a hat like this.

And seeing as how it's 115 degrees there we hit the beach at 8am. Ella was not impressed. This girl doesn't love the beach.
Seriously….what's wrong with her?

Also, a while ago I accepented the fact that my body isn't designed for a 2 piece anymore. Three kids will do that to ya. But I am so happy to own this one piece. It's adorable, and super flattering! Gotta love a spanx bathing suit! 

And In-n-Out happend…..twice.

My kids are so blessed to have so much family around them. They are surrounded by grandparents and great grandparents. So blessed.

It was such a blessing for me to see my children interact with their great grandparents. They had the chance to experience Lake Havasu the way that I remember. You swim, you eat treats, you watch cartoons and repeat. It was perfect. I love that we had this time together.


Shannon and Betsy @ said...

Looks like a great the pics and the suit- super cute!

Rachel said...

Let's do it together next year!!! Love the pictures!

Danny Alvarez said...

What great photos, I live in Costa Rica your grandparent's place is amazing. I would like to visit there with my family. Also you can visit Costa Rica for Family Vacations in the future.