Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Update Your Garage In an Afternoon!

So before we get into it, I have to apologize for being so "radio silent" this summer. 
Summers are so busy for our gang and blogging gets put on the side burner for sure!

But what I do love about having James home is that I get to get a lot of my "bigger" projects done!
I've painted our living room (only took me 3 years), painted our bathroom cabinets, worked on the yard and garden, detailed our cars, and painted our garage door!

But I did want to show you what an awesome thing a can of black paint can do!

Look at this door! 

And as you can see I also decided to paint the stairs black.
Look at the before.
I'm not going to make this photo x-large (your welcome).

The  gray paint that the builders chose to use made it impossible to keep clean! Hence forth, making me give up on keeping them clean altogether.
I chose a can of black paint that was OIL based.
This made it so much easier to wipe off.
Dirt and grime just don't stick to the door or stairs anymore.

So there ya have it. One of my summer projects!
I hope that I can start to post a couple more for you guys soon!

Happy Summer!

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Kristin C said...

Looks great! Did you use the same paint on the stairs? Will it hold up with all the traffic?

Katy Ford said...

That's such a cute idea! Especially when the garage door is used most. I'm here from Olive & Ivy! :)