Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Boy's Room Closet Makeover

The last time I posted on a room in our home it was excessively pink. This time…it's excessively blue. What can I say? I love color.

The boys closet has always been such a drab spot in the house. It was pretty empty. It just had a few odds and ends in there. Random Christmas trees, clothes too small or too big, and pull ups were about the only thing in there. Clutter…that's all it was.
And then one day we woke up and decided to completely change it; and then did it in a weekend. We are so impulsive and we get an idea in our head we've got to get it done….immediatly!

So here it is in all it's newfound glory.

Here is the before and after…because no blog post can be done without a before and after…right??

The goal was to clear up some space in the boys room, and what do you know….the dresser was a perfect fit in there!
I had already painted the dresser, thankfully so!
The plan for the closet was to hang some cubbies above the dresser. When doing some hunting I realized they are incredibly heavy. I was feeling a little weary to hang two rows of cubbies over the dresser and "SpideyFish". They also were more than twice the price of shelves. We found the shelves and brackets at Home Depot (we love that place). 
James is now a pro at hanging selves. He got all the practice he needed when we updated our garage
I was already planning on adding the bins to the cubbies, so that was in the budget already. 
I found these bins a couple of years ago at Wal-Mart and I've been buying them since. They are $4 each. I have never seen any as inexpensive as that. They aren't that big…but they are the perfect size to fit onto the shelves. 
The solution to hanging their clothes came in the form of $2 tension rods. Because they are boys (and not "snazzy" dressers for that matter) they only have a few things that need to be hung. I can get all of their clothes neatly hung on the inside corners of the closet. I love those darn rods. 
The total cost of the closet renovation was right around $88. 

I still plan on adding some Command hooks between the dresser and shelves to hang their ball caps.
I am so happy to turn an unused space into something really functional and totally practical, and kind of adorable. It freed up so much space in their room.
It is truly amazing what can happen when you remove closet doors and add a coat of paint. I'm so happy we did this. I am sure Ella's closet will be on the "to do" list soon. That will be super fun to do!

Ok…now back to my children who are being completely neglected right now.


Rachel said...

You did an amazing job with it! Can't wait for the full room makeover ;-)

Chrystal Mahan said...

I've always been a huge fan of putting dressers in closets and saving space in the bedroom. I love the makeover! Stopping by from the WLOW link up and yumeating.com my non blogger site.

Rhonda said...

It looks great! I love the paint color.