Monday, September 29, 2014

Our Trip to Disneyland

Two years ago we were fortunate enough to visit DisneyWorld in Orlando. It was so magical that we just had to get back to Disney! We made the trip to Anaheim to visit Mickey again. 

Here's our vacation photo journal….it's very dense. Good luck getting through all of these photos!

First day photo…ooh how fresh and alert we look!

I felt bad letting Caleb crawl on this disgusting floor…but hey, I can't let my baby sit in the stroller for 9 hours a day…plus…that's what hand sanitizer is for; right?!

The Cars ride was so fun! My sweet Micah would pretend to drive even though there was no steering wheel. So darn adorable!

The Water and Light show at California Adventure was really quite amazing. Caleb went nutzo watching it too. Literally laughing, and dancing the entire show. He's so darn cute!!

Ella's only request was to meet Ariel, she was so star struck. Ariel told Ella she had the same shells back at home.

If you're willing to wait in line you get to meet 3 princesses at once….yeah worth the 20 minutes!

These girls make me feel so darn short!

This is what the entire trip felt like….just a little crazzzzy.

The princess got Bibbidi Bobbidi Buitified .

World's smallest bun….I'm calling Guinness's Book of World's Records….

I don't know why he was so happy in Buzz Lightyear…but he was suuuuuper excited.

I think I'm raising a Disney Diva…..oh boy!

Did you know if you lose your tooth at Disneyland the tooth fairy brings you $5 extra….who knew! So spoiled!

Do you love our mode of transportation? I have to tell ya…that B.O.B stroller was the best thing ever!
And I love that James looks exhausted :)

 I can't stop laughing over Micah's aversion to looking into the camera lens…

I love this photo because it shows what a crazy mom I am. I got so excited that Caleb was smiling at Mickey…what a dork I am.

This girl kept getting kisses from the princesses on the parade. Gosh…Disney with a girl is So much fun!

We spent 5 days (yes I said 5) from open to close, at the park. It was stressful, exhausting, and so much fun. We are so incredibly blessed and spoiled that we are able to go on these amazing trips with our family. James' parents were so generous to pay for the much of the trip, without their amazing gift we would probably not get to capture these memories….and I love them! 

Now for memories sake, here's the list of favorites:

Micah: Buzz Lightyear ride
Josiah: Indian Jones & California Screamer 
Ella: Circus Train
Caleb: Buzz Lightyear
James: Splash Mountain
Bethany: Tower of Terror (and the food!)


Barbie White said...

Looks like you guys had a GREAT time! The pictures are precious! : )

Rachel said...

Love love love! So fun to get memories like this!

ErinShaul said...

Your family I'd the cutest!