Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Not many words, just photographic memories. 

Trying to soak up every moment with my kids while they are still small (although the older two boys don't feel small at all!). James is so great at making it a point to let me get all dolled up on Mother's Day. He then makes the kids suffer through a photo session with me on our front porch. I am so grateful for these photos. Grateful that I get to capture this day and mark it down as another year passed, another year of memories gained. Grateful for all four reasons I get to celebrate Mother's Day. 

We spent the morning with breakfast in bed, church, and pedicures with James mom and sister in law. We even took Ella for her very first mani/pedi polish at a salon.

She chose "Frozen" color.

She acted like a pro.
Side Note: She's doing this cute little thing now when she bites the insides of her cheeks when she's concentrating; it makes her lips purse out. It's my favorite.

It was probably my third pedicure in my entire life, the last one was with Sarah. Thanks Aunt Sarah, for spoiling us!

We got some great shots from out front porch session, but this one makes me laugh out loud. Look at Ella's face. Seriously......

Happy Mother's Day indeed. 

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