Friday, May 22, 2015

Last Days

The past couple of weeks have been full of "lasts" for my kids. It's Micah's last day of kindgerten and Jo's last day of 1st grade. It was also their last day in a public school, which left this mamma feeling a bit bitter-sweet about our decision to homeschool. I have loved the social aspects public school for the boys and I know that they will miss aspects of that. Luckily for them though, we happen to live in a community of homeschoolers and I don't doubt for one second they will ever feel deprived of fun days like got in a public school. 

This week was the boy's field day. It was fun, until it got rained out...and reschuduled....thanks, crazy Colorado weather! It was also a first (that's a lie) at seeing as how competitive Micah is.... {{super competitive, by the way...}}.  Field Day 2015.....

I love these two pictures of their personalities. Micah is so serious and Josiah is just cracking up. Suites them perfectly. 

Josiah and his amazingly patient teacher. She had a class of 28 (YES 28) students this year and still managed to keep it fun for them!

Micah had his showcase and Caleb screamed during the performance; and not because he was singing along. Micah cracks me up because he is so rhythmically inclined and is a rockstar when it comes to anything musical. He acts like he hates it though, and refuses to ever sing in front of us. What a goober!

Micah and his equally awesome teacher!

He also managed to pick up a "girlfriend" this year. Meet Katie. She insisted I take a photo of the two of them. I must admit, they are quite adorable together.

The year went by crazy fast again, and I have to admit that I am shocked at how much they have grown within the past 9 months! Grateful that the school year ended so well and praying for our upcoming homeschool year! Here goes nothing.....

Yay for summer!!! 

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