Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Introducing the Welzenhams {Party of 12}

I mentioned earlier that we have a family of 6 living with us. Yes, you read that correctly....6. That means our 3 bedroom is full of 12 people, including 8 children 7 years and younger. Friends of our's are having their home built and sold their other home quickly enough to need a place to stay for the summer. So they moved in. Yes, it is busy and chaotic and they eat a TON of food (like a swarm of piranhas), but it is so much fun. When our basement is finally done they will take over down there, but as for now we're embracing the chaos that comes with adding another family.

They have been living with us for 13 days today and will be here until August. So far, we have been loving it. Just imagine living with another mom...who helps you....it's glorious! They have hearts for Jesus, they love their kids, and are pretty fun to hang out with. James and I are grateful for this opportunity to teach our kids about what is important in life. Our "things" have never been meant for just "our family". It's about community and relationships. They are learning how to share everything they own with another family, and I am learning to let control go and enjoy the moment. Yes, it is crazy town over here, but it is our crazy town, and it's awesome. I mean, come on....what kid wouldn't want to have a slumber party every day for 2 months?! Also, my peony bloomed and it's glorious. Happy summer!

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