Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Little Mermaid Birthday Party

Ella Turned 4 and naturally we had a birthday party with over 30 kids all younger than 3rd grade and a real life mermaid. I didn't do any planning for this party seeing as we have another family of 6 living with us (true story), and didn't take the time to figure it out. James lined up the princess to come, and I literally text people to come over the day before. The day before the party I loaded up half of the kids and let Ella and Brezlyn (one of the little girl's living with us) come up with what they wanted for the party. I think it turned out pretty adorable!

The cupcakes turned out perfect! They required so little work as well!

I made these clams with vanilla wafers and the leftover frosting from the cake.

Per Ella's request I had fruit, always fruit.

These are freezable "ice cubes" I found at Wal Mart. Perfect touch for our blue punch!

Ariel is one of James' former students (which made us feel super old!). Her voice was amazing and she was absolutely awesome with the kids. Simply adorable to watch the girls interact with her!

I bribed Josiah to ask her if she had a boyfriend, apparently she's already married to a prince. The boys all acted hilariously uncomfortable. There was even some punching of each other over the glances she gave them.

Of course I went overboard (see what I did there??) and bought this second hand Barbie Princess extravaganza for her gift. The awesome thing about it is that this was just over 1/2 of what was included and I am hoarding the rest until Christmas. She's not spoiled at all....

Just look at her....I mean good grief......I love her.
Happy Birthday sweetie.

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