Monday, May 9, 2016

Cabo San Lucas Trip. Our 10 Year Anniversary!

We have been married 10 years this June. 10 YEARS! It's crazy to think what babies we were when we were married and how much has been accomplished in this past decade. 3 homes, 2 cities, 2 Bachelor Degrees, 1 Masters, 4 Children, 1 Adoption, and countless ministry hours together. Life has been good. Not perfect, but by God's grace, we are more in love now than I ever imagined possible. Our love is true, and trusted. It reminds me of a perfectly comfortable pair of shoes. It took work to break them in, but now they are my favorite. Marriage takes work, but he's my favorite. 
This past week we were insanely spoiled with a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (insert giddy grin). My parents own a time share and it's, well, glorious. We literally spent our 6 day trip sitting at the pools, eating, reading, and sleeping. Ahhhhmazing. 

So lets talk about the food......
We chose to do a meal plan at the hotel for 3 days. It wasn't cheap at $115 a person a day. But we thought it was totally worth it for at least 2 days. The food at the hotel was top notch. Like, can I get seconds...good. It was also ridiculously overpriced, so the meal plan made it worth it to go all out, crazy time. This jumbo coconut shrimp was literally, the best thing I have ever eaten in my life. Hands down. Those are curry mashed potatoes in the back. I can't even.... I ate nothing but seafood the entire time, duh.

The hotel was ridiculous gorgeous, by far the best place we will ever stay at. The pools were all infinity pools located right on the beach (you couldn't swim in the ocean because the waves were too strong...which I didn't care about, at all!), so we just laid around the pools and read, and ate. It was glorious. Our room had a view overlooking one of the main pools and the beach. For real.... And our room was giant, and extravagantly decorated. You guys, they had a turn down service at night (which definitely caught me off guard that first night).

Oh look, the jumbo coconut shrimp made a second appearance. Best ever.

This guy lit our coffee on fire, and by coffee I mean kaluah.

We took a tourist taxi boat around the cliffs, and it was fabulously gorgeous.
There were seal lions everywhere, and they smell bad; in case you were wondering. We ate at a tourist favorite called The Office, located right on the beach. I ordered fish tacos, duh.

Our last night graced us with the most gorgeous of sunsets; and I would know, I live in CO. It was stunning. It was fun to sit out and night and watch the sun go down. Oh yeah, and then there were fireworks, because of Cinco de Mayo (which the locals totally didn't care about). Apparently America will celebrate any reason to drink.

So yeah, it was phenomenal. So grateful for this opportunity to be in Cabo with the man I love. Here's to the next decade!

Hasta Luego Cabo!

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Aurola Wedman said...

<3 Sounds like such a beautiful trip! Congrats :)