Friday, November 4, 2016

We're Moving! A Final Home Tour

Well, we found our dream. A home located on nearly 2 acres with plenty of space to play and grow.

Now the *fun* part....we have to sell our home. We have put so much time, effort, money and energy into making this the best home it could be. Selling it is breaking my heart, and yet we find so much hope in our future.

As I began writing this post I realized I haven't updated our home pictures on the blog in nearly 4 years. Wow, I guess that's what a 4th kid and homeschool does to you.

So without further hemming and hawing, here she is....

4733 Scenic Ave

Please visit our website above and share will with anybody you know who wants to live in gorgeous Colorado. 

The Entry Way
with my Magnolia Market Paper White Bulbs (swoon)

Our Family Room
I will miss our fireplace mantle so very much.

Kitchen and Dining Area

That Linen Shade Light (more swoon)

When we put in new floors on the main level we turn our island and added headboard, and I loved it so much more! James also surprised me last Christmas with a new porcine sink and faucet. I will miss it dearly! 

The Master Suite

I had big plans to change paint colors soon. 
But the dark colors allow for a really warm and relaxing room. 

The Master Bathroom
I painted the cabinets and fell in love with white. 

The Boys Room.
The sign and photo above the dresser have my heart. 

Ella and Caleb's Room

I had just redone this room and it was nearly perfect.

The Loft

The Kid's Bathroom

And our Basement 

Now I'm nearly crying.
I spent HOURS hunting down he perfect sconces for this room 
They are heavenly. I kid you not, I cried when thinking of leaving them.
It's a real problem people. I get it.

This is where my children learn.
Come on now....

Okay, this barn door. 
Now I'm dead.
?? How. Can. I. Leave. This. ??

The Basement Bathroom 
And it's floor to ceiling white tile. 
*more whimpers*

The Laundry Room.
We completely redid this a few years ago.
The colors, though....

 And Finally our backyard. 
And this arbor, with it's wisteria vines. 


When we purchased the home the yard was nothing but rocky dirt piles.
We poured our hearts and soul into designing and plating.
Each plant means something to me (because I have issues).
I have spent countless hours gardening.
The kids playing, laughing, fighting, and loving each other
The neighbors fill this yard.
This has been a place of great joy. 
Great joy.

We love this home. And as I put this together I am gently reminded by my heavenly Father that this is just a house. The things that have made this a home are coming with us. 
We brought home 2 new babies into this house. Celebrated 6 years worth of holidays here.
We made family plans, grew in our faith, and reached into our community here. God has been the at the center of every decision and every action. He is our guide and he will continue to guide us. Even onto our next adventure. 

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pollkat said...

Congratulations on moving. Your home is gorgeous. I see why you hate to leave it. Are you done with blogging? I really enjoy reading your blog and will miss your updates if you are done. Your family is so nice. You are truly blessed!!!