Monday, January 21, 2013

Finger Avulsion {It's Gross}

Finger avulsion sounds about as gross as it actually is.

On Saturday I literally chopped off the tip of my finger. Like, we had it in a plastic baggie to take to the ER.

I was helping one of my best friends decorate her home. I had already played with the heavy decorating equipment. You know…the hammers, and drills, and screwdrivers, etc. I was cutting one of the quick ties off of a package of hooks (those freaking ties that are on the back of new toys), the scissors slipped and took off my finger tip.

I have to say that Sarah and I stayed amazingly calm (considering there were 8 children 6 years and under) running around the house. I immediately wrapped a kitchen towel around my middle finger and then I found the tip of my finger. Sarah took it (she is one tough chick) to the neighbor who's a fireman who told her to take me to ER. It was kind of funny to see her running through her home holding the tip of my finger in her hand.

Usually for me to agree to go to the ER something MAJOR must have happened….I agreed with her. Then I called James who was about to board a plane home from Nebraska. That was the first time I cried. Something about James makes me feel more vulnerable. He comforted me and told me to go to the ER. My friend Caitlin came to watch the kids.

Then I was kicked out of Urgent Care (they looked a little bit freaked out) and sent to the ER. Unfortunately at the ER there was nothing they could do. They couldn't reattach the tip of my finger. They couldn't give my finger any stitches. They numbed it, cleaned it, wrapped it up and sent me home….with a script for Vicodin.

James got to Sarah's just as I did to get the kids. Praise God! The numbness didn't wear off for 12 hours, and needless to say yesterday was a bit painful. I hate vicodin, it gives me the worst headache! So it's only tylenol for me. And last night was the worst…I had to take to bandage off and clean it. I will admit it was a bit of a dramatic scene in our kitchen. I was crying, and shaking (that's what I do when I start to panic), and more crying. The bandage had completely dried onto the tip of my finger and peeling it off was terrible!

But I did it people! With James help, and some prayer…I did it. It looks so nasty. I won't post a pic (your welcome), but trust me when I say it's gross!

(I'm about as sexy as they come…)

But I will tell you one thing…God is amazing! My finger looked like I would bleed to death. And I would have if our amazing Creator hadn't designed our blood to coagulate. It's truly amazing to watch my finger slowing stop bleeding and begin to heal itself. He truly is phenomenal!
And I praise him for protecting my life and giving me the best support system a girl could have.

Also…the winner of the giveaway is Paula!!
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Rachel said...

Oh man! That must have been so scary, and yes, gross. My brother once time almost cut the tip of his finger off--it was hanging on by just a little bit. The rest of the family took him to the hospital and I was left to clean up the blood spattered kitchen, it pretty much looked like a murder scene. Hope your healing process goes quickly!

Rosala said...

Wow! That is pretty nasty! I hope you're back to normal soon and the pain ceases! Praise the Lord it wasn't something worst.

Leah said...

oh my gosh! i bet that was excruciating painful. so sorry that happened. hope it heals soon.

ps. found your blog through apples of gold. looking forward to reading more!

RW said...

I just did the same thing with my thumb about a week ago. And changing the bandage for the first time went exactly how you described it. How is your finger now and how long before you didn't have to wear a bandage that completely wrapped your finger?