Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So What

I can never put laundry away after it's done. It takes me up to a week to take it out of the dryer.

I was supposed to get the Murphy Family Christmas letter out to people before Christmas, it's now a little later than Christmas.

My car looks like a band of rats live in it. I can't keep that thing clean! And the idea about using a cereal dispenser from pinterest didn't help me at all.

I am the crankiest person alive before 7am and without coffee.

I have become slightly obsessed with whiting my teeth, it's starting to annoy my husband.

I saw Les Miserable in the theater and balled like a baby. Seriously…go see it. It's amazing!

I have been dying for a Girl's Night out, but am too tired to even plan one. Pathetic, I know. 

My Mother-in-law takes all three of the kids on Wednesday mornings, and I get nearly giddy at the thought that I will have 3 hours TO MYSELF.

So What Wednesday
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Anna TTIL said...

My least favorite task is putting the laundry up! I'll wash it, dry it, fold it, iron it, but I really don't like putting it up!

Shannon said...

This post made me giggle. You are too cute.

Amanda said...

Visiting from Life After I Dew, love your blog!!! I am a total biotch till I chug my coffee on the way to work. I have a huge mug and its all gone on my 30 minute commute!

Jessica said...

Visiting from Life after I Dew, love your blog & writing style *if that makes sense.

I totally relate with the post laundry of folding & hanging up clothes. I am trying to be better but I wish there were laundry elves to do that for me.