Friday, January 25, 2013

The days are long...

The days are long but the years are short.

Have you heard this before? It's by far my most favorite saying about parenting.

I mean really…have you heard anything more applicable?

Especially those days where you have the stomach virus in the house, and you can't keep up with the dishes, or the laundry. And you are dealing with temper tantrums, and lying, and teething, and fighting, and boogers, and potty accidents….Those days are SO long.

But then you look back through a years worth of pictures and you think…
"What just happened? When did Micah need that size t-shirt? Or when did Ella not need a bottle anymore?"

It is so easy for us moms to forget how these little moments pass us by.

One day I won't find that they have crawled into bed together.

I will miss the days when Josiah buries his head into my stomach when he cries {it's actually quite annoying right now}.

I will miss the growling, the "high ya!", the giggles, the "guys", and the forts.

So I'm trying to do my best to remember that even though the individual days seem to go on forever…they won't last long. The years will be gone, and I'll be left with memories and photos. So I'll keep them in my arms while I can.

 (don't mind my hair…it's impossible to style with one hand)


Shelly said...

Such a very true post. No matter how many of the "long" days I have, the hardest thing for me parenting is accepting how fast the do grow up. It is always too fast.

Melissa said...

Such a great post! THank you for sharing. You are such a pretty mama with pretty babies:)

P.s. That big umbrella-thingy that you made the fort with is awesome!

Rachel said...

Isn't that the truth!!!! Thanks for sharing the overarching insight to love our kiddos at the moment we're at right now!

Paula @ Beauty Through Imperfection said...

so precious! I whole heartedly agree (love that quote!). It's going by soooo fast, and I"m really feeling it now that I have two.

your kiddos are so cute!