Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cross, Anchor, Heart Wall Decor

I won't lie to you about this….James is not a fan.

Generally speaking James doesn't mind my little crafts….but he's not so in love with this one.

Well….I kinda like it!
So it'll stay for now.

So the easiest way to make this is to just plan on using a ton of glue.
I think it took me one of those excessively long hot glue sticks to get the job done.

Your first step is to lay it out the exact way you want it. I made sure to count each cork to make sure it would be equal on both sides. 

The I glued them one by one together on the sides. 
Once everything is all glued together make sure you cover that baby with a ton more glue. Seriously…I needed to cover the it. But it worked!

Flip it and hang it. I used 10 nails to keep it hung. Under the cross, in the inner edges of the heart and under the anchor. It hasn't fallen yet…so that's a good sign. 

So what do you think?
Too cheesy?

Haha….well it's up for now at least!

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