Friday, August 23, 2013

Such A *Good* Mom

Sometimes I realize that I am the world's greatest mom.

Like…why hasn't a publishing company contacted me about writing a book about how to be an awesome mom.

For example…

I play board games with them. I don't let them cheat…and I'll even let them lose sometimes.


I never let them wrestle until somebody gets hurt and starts crying.

I let them jump on the bed…but get annoyed at them when the pictures keep coming out blurry. 
See….I'm such a fun mom. 

I never let them leave the house looking a hot mess (or without being fully clothes). Never. 

I teach them to respect property. I never let them hang on the bathroom sink and the make them do it again so I can photograph it.

I only let them each healthy food. I would never give them FROYO at 8 am…never.

I always make sure they are well rested…as to never fall asleep in public. 

I never…under any circumstances…drink wine in front of them. I mean…really…what kind of a mother do you think I am?!

See….I told you…I'm the world's greatest mom.
Now…who wants to publish my book?


Erin said...

So funny! This could become a series! :) To me it really does look like you are the world's greatest mom!!!

Jamie said...

Whaddya know?! Looks like I'm a great mom, too! Whew! Glad to know I'm not alone.

Loved, loved, loved this post!!