Friday, August 16, 2013

First Day

Well….I didn't have a total melt down people.
Are you proud of me?
I did tear up when he was walking into the classroom (and off into his future), but I was wearing sunglasses….nobody could judge me.

I just can't wrap my head around the idea of having a kid in school. Granted it's Kindergarten and it's only half-time…but still.

What made it a bit harder was the fact that James was out of town for work. Ironic right? He's a schoolteacher and he wasn't here for Jo's first day. Huh….

The night before we got pizza and cookie dough, played outside and then made a french toast bake together. It was easy…and the next morning I threw it in the oven and 50 minutes the kids gobbled it up. :Note to self: Make this more often for school days

I did my best to make sure Jo was super excited. But just seeing this pics makes my heart a bit sad. I do feel as though it's just the beginning of their relationship changing. Now they are inseparable. They want to be together. It is the only thing they have known.

They love each other. No. Matter. What.

Brothers. I've said it before, Micah is the best thing we have ever given Josiah.

When we picked Josiah up the first thing he said to me was "I didn't learn to read yet".
That's all he wants…to learn to read.
I tried my best to teach him, but it was never going to happen with me. He needs his teacher (who seems great).

He was so happy. He had a great first day.
My heart was full of joy. 

Then we headed to the park for a picnic with a few treats.

I'm so grateful I get to parent this boy. But it's so hard to let him grow up. I am excited for his future and who he will become.

He will be a force for Christ.

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Leah said...

it's emotional seeing them go off to school! such a new little chapter of their lives. i love that your boys want to hang out with each other. super sweet!