Monday, March 31, 2014

Day Date with a Little Lady

This past week was James' spring break so we decided to pull Josiah out of school for a couple of days and have some fun.
We took the boys to laser tag and now I'm really regretting the fact that we didn't take a photo. It was so much fun. We ran around with our boys and watched them have such a great time. It was such a "boy date". 
So when I asked Ella what she wanted to do for her date with me she said, "Eat lunch with avocado and go shopping." This girl is totally my daughter! She got all dolled up with her Minnie Mouse purse and her fur vest….oh geesh. She looked so stinking cute! 

Ella is struggling to smile for photos without closing her eyes…so I joined her.

Now that we have three boys, I feel exceptionally blessed to have Ella as my daughter. She has no reason to be so "girly". She is surrounded by Ninja Turtles, basketball, wrestling, and 1500 action figures. The boys make her watch "Super Hero Squad" and "Phineus and Ferb", and rarely honor her request to watch "LalaLoopsy". Yet, she is a true girl.

She loves to put on her makeup, and wear sparkle shoes. She loves to brush her hair (which is finally growing!), and ask daddy if she looks beautiful. She twirls, and spins, and sings, and dances. She sets up tea parties and demands she serves you. She is our girl and we are so blessed to have her.

She is even girly when she sleeps (even though she's naughty and sucks her thumb).

We love you Ella B

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