Friday, March 14, 2014

WIW: "Leather" Pants

Now that we have 4 kids, date nights are really hard to come by. So in the rare moment that we get one I like to get "dressed up".

I have these faux leather leggings that I purchased months ago that I never have a reason to wear (it's not exactly in my mommy wardrobe). So I threw on a tee, cardi, and heels and voila!
It is seriously one of my most comfortable date night outfits (and the hubs still thought I looked "hot").

Pants: Ebay
Cardi: Amazon 
Necklace: Sammy Dress (I think it was $1)
I think I have an online shopping problem
Tee: Sevenly (if you have never check them out you NEED to)
Heels: So old…seriously, they are falling apart…
Bag: Michael Kors (I swoon!!)

I will admit that the pants are really hard to wear. While they are really comfortable, I have to make sure to wear a really long shirt with them in order to feel appropriate. This outfit is so far out of my "normal" whatever that means comfort zone. It's a little crazy (is bad I always want to say "cray cray" instead of crazy….yes, yes it is) for me, I mean shoot, I even wore lipstick! Althought the topknot isn't all that crazy for me (after all I had not washed my hair in 6 days at this point)  But I loved it, like a lot.
Totally wearing this again!

Happy Friday!


Erin said...

Hot stuff!! Love it all, so not cray cray! Totes fab! We just added our 5th child (a teenager) on Fri, so not sure when my husband and I will have our next date. :) Hopefully date nights will become a regular for you!

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Hi, I am Ada. I am so glad I found your blog, beautiful Mommy. Are you sure you have had 4 kids in 6 years? You look stunning, sexy, hot, glowing! They are so cute and I love their names BTW.

I am a new mom myself and enjoy finding blogs of other moms who have real budgets and real style like me. Last year I picked up some Faux Leather Leggings/Skinny Pants. I am loving this Outfit. Thanks for the inspiration.

I hope you stop by my blog too and that we can follow and support each-other. Ada. =)