Thursday, April 3, 2014

4 Months

Sweet Caleb…

This boy is crazy good looking! 
And happy as can be. 

4 month stats
:Probably nearing 14-15 lbs (I should take him in for his check up!)
:Smiling all the time
:Rolling from tummy to back
:Laughing (it's adorable…eek!)
:Clasping and Chewing on Hands
:Eating 5 oz every 3 hours and getting super fat
:Noticing his hands and toys
:Sleeping through the night
:Takes horrible naps 20-40 min 3 times a day

He is loving his siblings (especially Josiah), and wiggles whenever he finds them.

When I took this photo I had no idea how tired I look…all…the…time. At least he looks tired too. Naps anyone?

One of the best things about this baby is how much he loves me. I wrote earlier about attachment and adoption and this smile leaves no doubt on how feels about me.
He is such a mommy's boy, maybe more so than any of my other babies. I was so worried that not nursing him would hinder our relationship, but that is not even close to the truth.
I love the following photo because my feet are in it. This is how he looks each time I walk near him.

I also love how often I hear how much he looks just like me. Our complexion, eye color and lips do seem to be so similar. It's so amazing how well he fits with us. He was created to be in our family. So blessed…so, so blessed.

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