Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kitchen Decor

I have decorators ADD. I am always changing, adding, removing, painting, and rearranging my home.
I can't help myself!
Since the last time I posted on our kitchen I've added and changed a couple of things.

I found this darling rod at IKEA and I knew I had to add it to my island!
I love the way it adds some more natural elements to the kitchen.

The best thing about the canister is that it has a drip pan at the bottom, if I wanted to add succulents or something that is actually alive…I could! Or if you had a sunny place in your home you could grow a mini herb garden.

This is a perfect example of my decor ADD…I have already added new chalkboard labels to the oil, and the jars…I have a problem…

Here is my ultimate favorite new "toy" in the home…our new kitchen table. I can't tell you how much I adore this table. It has 2 leaves the aren't pictured right now and we can fit 1000 people at our table now! The bench was the best idea we've had as parents. No more ruining the fabric chairs, and we can fit up to 4 kids on it. Love it!!

I framed one of James' grandmother's old recipes here. She was an amazing cook!
Fork and Spoon from Hobby Lobby…naturally….

I also added a command hook the to the other side of the island and that is where I hang my hand towel now. I really like that it's not visible from the main view of the kitchen and now it's not hanging on my stove or cabinet door.

This year I am currently in charge of the MOPS crafts and this fridge frame was one of our recent crafts. I like it a lot! I use it to frame around Josiah's sight words. I find that if they are visible I will work on them with him much more. 

So there it is….I have problems…but I love to decorate and I love to freshen things up every now and again. I'm sure it will change in a few months, but for now I love it!

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Shannon said...

Love it!! Where did you get that chalkboard and basket with balls? Did you really do the hand writing on your chalkboard? Come do mine!