Tuesday, May 6, 2014

WIW: Minty Lace

I am so ready for warmer weather, and thankfully things are starting to warm up and bloom around here. Spring is officially here! 

What better to wear than mint and white, right?

Lace Tee- Tobi
White Jeans- Gap
Gold Heels- Target

I found this website Tobi, and I must say I would only wear about 5% of the items listed on the site; but those few items are fabulous! I was able to snag this lace tee for $9.

I feel really weird posing for these photos, doesn't it just feel so unnatural? Whenever I find a pic where I am standing normally it just looks even more unnatural. Haha, oh well….hello spring!


Marie said...

Such a pretty mint lace top!

Marie @
In Our Happy Place

Rachel said...

The mint lace top is gorgeous!!