Friday, August 26, 2011

Slow Down Jo

Last night when we were going to bed, James and I snuck into the boys room to give them kisses and it hit me just how big they are getting. Josiah looked like a boy there in his bed. I rememberthe first time he layed in the bed he looked like a tiny baby laying there with the mattress on the floor. It brought tears to my eyes thinking that this time has gone by so quickly. I know that it will continue at this pace forever. There is this country song about missing these days. And I know it's so true.
Next Wed Josiah will start preschool, and I'm going to have one of those "First Day Of School" picutes. But I'm so not ready for it. I want my babies to stay babies forever! *Sniff*

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The Norvells said...

He's starting preschool? I thought you weren't going to put him in??? My Jo started Monday, it was a bittersweet day.

Bethany said...

Josiah is getting preshcool for his speech delay through Child Find. He gets FREE school and speech therapy. We were not going to put him in it, but it will be a huge help for him before starting K.

The Norvells said...

That is awesome and such a blessing! That's so great for him and you :)